I’ve Decided To Be A Story Collector


These are my hand and on my wrist are small tattoo marks.
No, it does not say 66 and 99.
And yes, they are really tattooed quotation marks.
It’s more in reference to what I do.

“I collect stories to make stories.”

~ Suzanne Nguyen

For the last two years I have collected over 200 hundreds stories. So far, armed with my growing collection of stories, I raised funds to publish my very first book and have an exhibition at Federation Square.

I like to acknowledge that it is the support of my beloved friends and family was I able to make this little dream of mine come true. I am fortunate to have great believers and supporters – they are the best of peeps.

The little art book is filled with 50 adventures of Melbourne. In a way that is a story on itself, I will definitely share it with you on a later date.

Once I started focusing on collecting, it kind grew a life of its own. There’s something inherently beautiful about people – people like to be involved and share. One thing I have definitely have learnt is that stories are great people connector.

Follow me on my adventure as I venture out to Australia and collect a thousand stories. Well that is my big plan!


One comment

  1. AHAH! now i know what is on ur wrists LOL>> i always wondered why u kept showing people ur wrists… O_o.. haha! Awesome!

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