$1 Can Buy You 3 Cones

A Dollar A Story

I went out for dinner with a some of my friends.
And the one of the topics was:

What can you get for a dollar?

These days, not much at all.

$1 frozen cokes at Hungry Jacks.
In Maccas you can buy a 30¢ cone.
70¢ cookies or an apple pie.
A dim sum.
A banana and if you’re lucky, you may able to afford 2 apples.
Sometimes you are charged $0.99 for an app on iTunes.

We had it so good when we were little.

Back in our primary school days, we remembered buying:

20¢ zooper doopers.
3 love hearts lollies for 10¢.
That’s 30 little love hearts to eat and share.
Three dim sums instead one.
A short trip ticket, that stretched for more than one journey.
You used to be able to buy a ciggie for a buck but not any more.

Still, I’d like to think there is value in buying stuff for a dollar.
I am about to start a new project, titled ‘A Dollar A Story’.

All stories are worth sharing.
My game plan so far is to go out in a public domain and buy stories for a dollar.

Still I like to hear your thoughts – what did you buy for $1?

Or do you have a story you will like to share?
Please hold on to them, I will definitely come around and buy it from you. ^^



  1. LOL.. you left out Small Fries from Maccas – $1! =)
    You can get these cool lady bug chocolates for 80cents from a chocolate shop in westfield cant remember the name! I bought quite alot of those and gave them to my friends and teachers LOL
    I can buy eye and lip liner – 2 in 1 for $1 – haha

    okay and umm now your game plan has changed? i think!

    1. And u can buy 3 vietnamese baguettes in a bakery too.

      Well the game plan hasn’t change – have you read my latest post?

  2. Huh??.. are you iamb3 now?? lol i was talking about what you were talking about to that lady and me! and i think there needs to be a post to explain this new name! 😛 i dont get it… and ur calling it a him… on facebook.. im confusssed 😦 i dont like being confused..
    please explain.

    and really? how much is one Vietnamese Baguette! XD

    1. íamb3 is more of a login name for my wordpress account. but there is a story behind it, all will be revealed in due time.

      you can buy 3 mini bagguettes at any Vietnamese bakery for $AU1

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