String Story #15 (A little park in Tokyo)

String Story Album

Sometimes, I hear the voices of an overlooked place and I’d create a site-responsive installations. I’d use string and make ornate, large and colourful webs. It’s about connecting people and place together.

In June 2012, I was in Tokyo, when this little park screamed out to me and said: LOOK AT ME! I AM SO LONELY!

Luckily, on the very last day on my Japan trip, I found a beautiful transparent orange tape that captured the light of the summer day. And I quickly return to the park to allow it to be alive again.

After two hours and 50 mosquito bites, the orange web was made to overwhelm the little two park-sets (one was a tiny horse and the other was a tiny jungle gym). People would come up to me and ask curiously what I was doing. With my broken japanese I’d explain to them, that this little park wanted to reconnect with its Japanese people.

Did I mention, that in case of emergencies, if I was ever stopped by the police, I had a reasonable explanation to what I was doing… Thankfully, no police popped by, if anything I was encouraged by the Japanese to continue to work on it more.

I had this one extraordinary chat with a gentleman, he explains to me that ever since the earthquake and tsunami incident, he felt a sense of hopelessness and emptiness inside of him. For a stranger, like me, to go into his country and try to add beauty into his gray world, has truly sparked hope in him again. Isn’t that lovely?

My adventures and my art has given me opportunities to connect with people around the world, I hope to visit Japan again, it’s a beautiful and surreal place!

What small gesture have you shared with someone that has changed you?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. LOL.. only 50 mosquito bites!! hahaha
    and wow this story is so inspiring.. well done!

    1. Thanks Raylene, I suffered a bit and in the end it was worth all the suffering. haha

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