Speak Human


Listen to the people around you. Walk along the city street. Sit in any café. Eavesdrop to telephone conversations on the train. And this is what you’ll find – Everyone is having the same kind of convo.  

The early morning coffee junkies, the startup hub members, students rushing to school, the mothers dropping their kids off, the fathers catching the train to work, the teens glued to their Facebook mobiles All worrying about the same things.

I was chatting to a friend who is currently residing in Tokyo (the lucky bastard), and he’s in love with a Japanese girl (who doesn’t speak much English). And I was writing this post, and I realized, that even whey they struggled with the language barrier, that we are all the same. Each of us has similar hopes and cares. And we all want to feel that whatever happens, that this day, that we matter. They matter.

How are you helping your friend, your customer, your patron feel like they belong, and that they matter!?


Image by Maurice Branger, 1925

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