Meet Diana Nguyen


Diana Nguyen
Comedian  |  Actor  |  Community social worker 

The day is super hot, and I am meeting Diana Nguyen on the steps of Federation Square.  Truth be told, I really look up to this extraordinary person. I have been practicing as an artist and I’ve found that I met very few Vietnamese artists. Diana happens to be one of the few; she is an actor who has a strong social conscious.

When recently in Toronto, Canada, she was surprised to find the range of nationalities on TV. Compared to what is found on Australia television, its “…white, white and white…” For Diana, she wants to be taken seriously as an actor and not be seen as ‘Asian actor’. Which is why you’ll find her acting on the theatre circuit.

Her new project as as Kim Huong will be performed in the upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival. Her show Phil and Me is being played at The Upstairs Lounge on March 28-April 7.

Find more about Diana Nguyen on her Facebook page 

aka String Story

PS. This is my very first podcast, so I’d love to hear your thoughts, what do you think of the interview?

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