3 Personality Types

There are times when I’d share an interesting conversation with a friend.

From our last chat, he gave a little insight to people and their personalities.

Let’s start the convo going:

Hey! How are you?


1.   “Good thanks and how are you?”

2. “ Super! I’m Awesome and today has been amazing. “

3. “ Shit! My boyfriend ran away with another guy. And I’m flat broke. “

Typically, most people respond with 1.
The 2’s are the crazy people you should stay away from.
And 3 can sometimes be drainers.

He mentions that I am the type 2 person!! Haha
I must admit to my defense, I am not crazy – I just think differently.

How do you typically respond?


One comment

  1. Sorry, I think I have been falling under category 3 of late.

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