Tuesday: A day for chats & stories

Every meeting is an opportunity and every introduction a potential relationship.

There’s no need to pretend, just be yourself.

I must say my all-time favourite day of the week is Tuesday now. Why do you ask? Well, on Tuesdays, I have the opportunity to collect stories from people from all walks of life. On the bonus side, I’m inundated with awe-inspiring one-on-one chats.

For the next few Tuesday’s, I’ve set up shop at a great spot! At inspire9 I feel that there is a sense of creativity and optimistic vibe there. I like to tap into that atmosphere and I feel like I can collect meaningful stories here. It’s one of those places where I secretly want to go around and ask each and every one of them, if they have time to chat.

I have decided that I will be collecting stories once a week, this way I can focus on my other creative projects too.  For me, it’s all about you and what you like to do. I help trigger your thoughts and help you think about the many experiences you have and hope to have in your life. Sometimes it’s about your time spent in Melbourne. Other times, it may be about where you see yourself in the future. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Afterwards when we had the chat, that’s when the real fun starts. I will be asking you to visualise our discussion and draw it out.  I’ve always said this, and I would repeatedly say this time and time again, you don’t need to be a good drawer – what’s more important is to show things to me. On a paper that is.

Whatever the direction of the chat, I hope you leave with a positive and meaningful experience.  By chance, if we talk about you, your past and your goals (I call this end drawing, the ‘future map’) – I believe that by mapping it out, it will help visualise where you like to go and it is a tiny step closer to reaching these goals. Sometimes, it’s all stuck in your head. I one of those curious people, I like helping you get these ideas out and imprint them onto a clean white paper. Or is that the story collector in me talking?

So far I have spent two Tuesdays at inspire9, and I have collected stories from alien-believers, a German hitchhiker (he still continues to hitchhike his way around he world), dreamers, entrepreneurs and creative innovators.

I wonder whom I would meet next? Maybe you…come by and have a chat with me. You know where to find me, I be at inspire9 every Tuesday this month.

Actually don’t think, come down and book a time with me, I only ask for 15-20 minutes of your time. Be warned, sometimes a good chat needs overtime.

I look forward to chatting and hearing your stories on Tuesday!!

The story collector

Where:    Inspire9  – 1/41 Stewart Street Richmond
Time: For April only, Every Tuesday, 11am to 3pm

You can book too, email me at stringstory@gmail.com

* Catch the train to Richmond Station, its literally next door
** And there’s 2 hour free parking too


  1. bigpicturestuff.com · · Reply

    This is so cool! 😀
    I love stories too!

    1. Thanks for reading.
      Aren’t stories great? Stories are an emotional glue that connects people together

  2. Love what you do, Suzie! 🙂

    1. Hi Shu Shu, I really appreciate your kind words ^^

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