Post Memory Maps exhibition

Memory Maps [Melbourne]
Exhibition dates: 1 – 17 Feb 2013

Storytelling is the most powerful way
put ideas into the world today.      

~Robert McKee

They say it’s all about location, and in a way it’s true. More than 500 people from all around the world came and visited my exhibition at No Vacancy Project Space, Federation Square.

It has been a while since the exhibition has ended and I did suffer from post-exhibition blues (don’t worry I am in a happy space right now). I had a great time exhibiting at the gallery space. For two weeks, I was in an intense mode of being a Story Collector. I chattered, listened and persuaded visitors to share their experience and memories of Melbourne.  The main purpose of the exhibition was to showcase my book. The self-published book showcased 50 adventures of Melbourne. Indvidually each drawing has shown a personal version of their Melbourne. And combined all the map drawings together, you will find that it created a bigger picture of the city.

So far Melbourne is known for their love of food, their little cafes and it’s awesome coffees, bikes, street art and it’s many laneways, night-life, festivals, and being a shop-o-holic heaven. We are sport-crazed and we are a cultural diversity city. Am I missing anything on the list there?

Though, I believe there’s more to a city than what we can do and offer – a city is not a city without it’s people and the  experiences we have.

I’m going to share with you some of my highlights of the exhibition. Let the countdown begin:

10 – Even before I opened my exhibition, Raylene Ong popped by and now we have become fast friends. She was nice enough to offer her talented photography skills and has taken some amazing photos of the exhibition.

9The Melbourne pinboard – it was the highlight of the exhibition, people enjoyed writing about their experiences.

8 – The amazing 9.5-year-old map genius. For a good 45 minutes we had a deep discussion about maps and contours. In the end, he shared with me a detailed plan of his house in Emerald, Victoria.

7 – Martin, an artist from Austria, was visiting Melbourne.

6 – Damian – the videographer – he helped me to set up a little video of the exhibition. Did you see it? Check it out here

5LIE-AR-CH – I love kids drawing, there’s something inherently amazing what they can potentially do. ‘Charlie’ was one of my first pinner. On a note, he had written his name backwards Lie_ar_ch

5 – the opening night – I have amazing set of friends and family. Without their support I wouldn’t be where I am today. And the awesome beer, Hawthorn Brewings.

4 – I have met another artist named Datsun Tran. He was one of a few Asian-Australian artist that I met. I only started my path as an artist, and I am interested in learning more of people’s creative journey.

3 – String Story installation – the heart and Melbourne skyline

2 – The Korean couple and their family. They visited me twice!! The man was an art teacher and has two gifted children, who had shared their drawings with me.

and finally Number 1 – My number one fan, my mum, she really did show her support for me! Love you mum!

The best thing is the people that I have met at the gallery– I really do like hearing stories and I especially like people.

My momentum is going so well, I have plan to pump out a few other projects. One of them is planning a trip to Sydney and collect stories there in May.


See more of the exhibition by checking out: my portfolio 

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