My life as a vagabond story collector

Dearest Friends and Family,

There’s something about Sydney, and it really wants me to stay.
As much as I feel its magnetic pull,
I’ve found that opportunities are coming my way.

In May, I have been living a life as vagabond story collector, albeit a very short one. Doing what I love has been so much fun. I have been meeting people, seeing awesome sites and best of all, chatting to interesting people and collecting their stories. A week has gone by and so far I’ve visited Sydney. I am currently staying at Wagga Wagga tonight.

For the past one week, I quickly lined up meetings with various people, including art galleries and orgainisations. I went in there and just wanted to introduce myself to them. With that intention I said hi to them, told them about my projects, including the concept of Memory Maps and a new project that I would like to develop. I wanted to expand the idea and bring it to Sydney. So far, most of the meeting went super well. Some felt like we were the same wavelength and it’d be lovely if a project or two eventuate.

Regardless I do know that I will come back to Sydney, probably more than one trip will be made in next three months. I also like to mention a particularly awesome place – The Workbench. A tiny little and intimate co-working space that has much to offer. Once I’ve walked into the door, Lachlan (@Lachlanhardy), he introduced quickly himself and shown me around the space. Truthfully, I felt an instant rapport to the place. I can imagine myself collecting stories from here and working from that very workbench. Lachlan also mentions a curious idea; interesting people will attract other interesting and like-minded creative. And I couldn’t agree more, I was pretty chuffed that I was considered interesting at all. Every Friday’s at 4, he closes shop and go out for drinks – awesome idea; who doesn’t like to socialise and drink with good company. So if you found yourself in Sydney and want to check out an interesting place, may I suggest you make you way to The Workbench – better yet go on a Friday.

Also, on a particularly note, I went on an Uber ride, and Ali, my designated driver was uber pro, nice and charming, I had a great chat with him, I learnt he was from Pakistan and has called Sydney home for last 20 years. It’s a nice alternative to using a cab too. At the end of the ride, he said to me:

“Young miss, I have met and talked to a lot of people and you are super positive.
Many good things will come your way.”

Doesn’t that sound like a good omen? More reasons to stay in Sydney, haha.

For now, I am still in the middle of my adventure and I will share more about it with you soon.
Melbourne, I do really miss you, what have you been up to?

Love Suzie xox 

PS: Did I also mention, that I was able to partake and be in the audience for TedxSydney? Wow! Mind blowing inspiring, the food I ate, the talks I listened to – I will write another post soon and share my experience with you

My itinerary runs like this:

1-8 May: Sydney, NSW
9 May: Wagga Wagga, NSW
10-13: Griffith, NSW
14: Wagga Wagga, NSW
15: Melbourne, VIC      @uber_sydney on twitter       @workatworkbench on twitter

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  1. spraypaintedsoul · · Reply

    i miss australia! this is a great post! simply amazing! 🙂
    i’m writing a little story on my wordpress and i don’t know if you’d be interested but if you are please could you check it out! i would love the support 🙂 if you dont want to i completely understand! thankyou so much 🙂 xx

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