Meet Deena

Caption: Lets see  Deena shake her booty and dance – it’s quite cute!

“If anyone wants to get know me, it will be through my songs” ~ Deena

Independent artist  |  Musician
Based in Brisbane

I have been following Deena’s journey through Instagram and Facebook (Yes, I have been stalking her, haha, but hey she follows me back too). And this young 21 year old works hard. For someone who just jumped into the music scene in the last 6 months, she has built a strong following in Melbourne and Brisbane.

There was lots of giggles and laughter when we talked about her experience as a Musician. What I like about Deena is that she is a storyteller; she expresses herself and sings our her stories, there’s something quite raw and genuine about her work.

Want to her more of Deena’s journey, listen to the little podcast (watch this space – it will be uploaded by the end of the week).

Watch out for next album by following her on


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