New Project: The Two Chairs

One of the stories I have found shows a dark and racial history of Australia.

There was a stamp found underneath this chair. On this stamp it reads “EUROPEAN LABOUR ONLY”.  During a time of the White Australia Policy, the European Australians felt threatened by the Chinese furniture makers. They offered Cheap labour and made furniture that was like Ikea of its times. The stamp was to encourage white people to buy only white made goods.

Inspired by this dark and hidden legacy and with the support of my chair making guy, Max. We have redesigned the stamps and planned to make two new chairs.

One will be yellow and the chair will be white.

The two chairs will provide an opportunity for two individuals to sit down and openly examine diversity and racism in Australia. It’s about having a deep and meaningful conversation, where they can exchange their thoughts  memories and stories about their experiences of race and racism.

In the next few months, we plan to:

30 May              Vivid Sydney – “Pitch The Future”

23 June             Launch Pozible Campaign
Raise funds through crowd funding initiative to make the final two chairs

5 – 23 June        Colour Box Studio Art Residency 
showcase the prototype as part of the residency in Footscray. Come down and share your story
Click here for details 

18 September    Melbourne Fringe Furniture 2013: Make It True!
showcase The Two Chairs as statement pieces

October              Workshops
orgainise workshops to facilitate conversation about racism, either in Melbourne or Sydney

22 Nov – 1 Dec     Big West Festival 2013
Be part of a live performance, where The Two Chairs will sit in a cafe and exchange stories about diversity and racism.

And that’s just a few things on the cards, I do hope I will have the opportunity to win the Pitch the Future, that means it will help kickstart the project into full gear. Either way, the focus is to showcase The Two Chairs.

So how about it, join in the conversation, let’s face racism and promote diversity.

-Suzanne Nguyen



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