Lets raise $3K in 2 weeks

Racism is a culturally sensitive topic, unfortunately it is deeply embedded into the fabric of our society. Current anti-racist organisations such as ‘All Together Now and Racism, it stops with me’ are campaigning to raise awareness by sharing knowledge to refute unacceptable racist behaviours and attitudes. While ‘The Two Chairs’ plans to engage and unite the public using creativity and positivity to send a strong message and help shed light on racism.

“By using art as a platform, I believe it will engage and educate people on a personal level. It focuses on instigating micro-changes, initiating a personal one-on-one conversation that goes beyond superficial understanding.”

My current challenge is to raise funds at least $3,000 by Sunday 14th of July. I decided to go through a crowdfunding initiative called Pozible to help raise the funds.

Similar to Kickstarter, Pozible, is an Australian owned crowdfunding initiative. Pozible is a meaningful platform for creative project to help secure the funding needed to help kick start the project. It allows you, the supporters, to be part of the project process and experience. In return for pledging money, you will be rewarded with gifts based on your pledge donation. You will only be charged when we reach the minimum amount in time. Once the funding campaign is over, we will mail out the ‘thank you’ gifts.

 Caption: Here is a little video to explain what crowdfunding is:

Contribute as little or as much you like. Every little contribution is greatly appreciated. To start pledging, check out and support http://www.pozible.com/thetwochairs


Feel free to ask any questions. Join in the convo about racism.

– love from suzanne xox

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