Crowdfunding: Start Some Good

Vibewires interviews Suzanne Nguyen about my crowdfunding project for The Two Chairs.

Part of the interview talks about how TheTwoChairs came be.

Here are Top 5 Tips on how to run a successful crowdfund campaign:

1. Plan it
It’s essential to do some legwork. Have some flyers ready, promote it beforehand. Find pledger to help keep the momentum.

2. It’s about your story and message.
Crowdfunding is a powerful tool to help spread your story and message to a wider audience.

3. Have good reward tiers.
Offer great rewards to enable people to support you. The most popular reward tiers are: $5 – $10 – $25 – $50 and $100

4. A video is essential.
Treat it like a KISS. Keep it simple (for the) stupid. I recommend that you keep it between 2-3 minutes.

5. How to ask people to pledge
Persistence is key. First you inform them about your project.  Second find out if they are interested in the your project and like to support. Third follow up and make sure they pledge.

-Suzanne Nguyen
I have successfully ran three campaign on two different crowdfunding platforms. I am also a Pozible Ambassador. If you’re interested in crowdfunding and plan to run your own, feel free to ask me questions.

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