Changemaker festival 2013

The moment I realised I became a changemaker was when my art project, The Two Chairs, evolved to being an antiracist organisation. The last eight months have been a whirlwind of action and momentum. Through crowdfunding with Pozible and StartSomeGood, I was able to connect with likeminded people and create other various collaborative projects.

This week, The Two Chairs is part if the Changemaker festival. My partners, Dan and Jamal, are in Melbourne holding the fort. They are going around the city, collecting stories and thoughts about multiculturalism and racism. They are planning to use the collection to inspire a short story book. While I am in Sydney and will be having a workshop to connect people and discuss the issue of racism .

This week is jammed pack with events and workshops. Last Friday, I attended the opening for the Changemaker festival at HUB Sydney and reconnected with a few interesting people. Luke L. Pearson (@LukeLPearson) is the founder of @IndigenousX and raised another benchmark for promoting Indigenous culture. On a basic level, despite the teaching in high school, I feel that I know nothing about Australian Indigenous culture. So, I am glad to see such a forum exist, @IndigenousX allows for people such as myself to learn more about their culture. Luke and I have a mutual interest in finding ways to raise awareness and create actions to minimise racial acts and behaviours. Tom Dawkins (@Tomjd)  is the driving force for this year’s festival. I finally got to meet him at a mutual crowdfunding workshop with Vibewire. Did I mention he is also a founder for StartSomeGood? He shares his personal insights about the Changemaker festival and he is all about social innovation and change. And I finally had the opportunity to meet the infamous Jarah (@greenat17), a young and intelligent gentleman. If you’re a twerp, I suggest that you follow all three of them. They add a zest to one’s twitter stream.

This week I’m organising a few of my own #Chagefest events

Tuesday 5th Nov
#4Good brekkie at Cafe Paramount Surry Hills early,
Positive Change + Sydney workshop at Vibewire

Wednesday 6th Nov
Everyday racism meetup and workshop at The Workbench

Sunday 10th Nov
Closing party at Button Bar, Surry Hills

It’ll be great to see you at one of these events. If not, I encourage you to make the most of the festival and expose yourself to some new stories and share your own.


-Suzanne Nguyen

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