Crowdfunding: It’s all about ‘Your Story’


My story starts with my tattoos, on each of my wrist are quotation marks. They represent who I am and what I passionately believe in. I am story collector. I collect stories and make them into art. I make, create, write with my hands and I like to connect people too. My latest project, The Two Chairs is about collecting stories and thoughts about race and racism. The Two Chairs aims to be a creative platform for people to contribute and discuss race and racism.

Crowfunding is great, it has enabled me to raise funds, tell my story and help build a community. In the last twelve months, I ran three successful campaigns on two different platforms and two of them were for The Two Chairs. Because of those two campaigns, I connected with like minded individuals and I found two key partners.

Your story is essentially what’s going to drive your campaign. Your story will help connect people and make them want to help you. Your story will showcase your passion. A story such as yours will leave an impact into people’s mind. A seed of thought is important because if you plant it right- you will get better results. And the results you want are supporters. And these supporters are essential as they build the foundation for your community.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”
― Zig Ziglar

I decided as a team building exercise to participate in a crowdfunding project. The goal is to have the most supporters. I noticed something too. My partners had a hard time getting supporters whereas I had little trouble asking for support. There was a reason why I had a better success rate and here’s why:

  • I laid of foundation and my story way before they did. My networks is familiar with crowdfunding and what The Two Chairs is about.

  • While my partners had to play catch up and lay their own foundations. They had to explain the concept of crowdfunding and tell their people what their role and why they raising funds.

Laying your foundation is also part of the telling your story. Have the confidence to share your projects with your friends and family. The more you tell, the more natural it will come out. By voicing it out, you’re more likely connect with people who are genuinely interested you do.

If you need help creating a story or like some crowdfunding advice, feel free to contact me via my or twitter. So what are you waiting for, start telling your story.


Suzanne Nguyen is a Pozible Ambassador and has successfully ran three crowdfunding on two different platforms. She believes that any creatives and professionals will find the benefits in running their own campaign.

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