Crowdfunding: Story tips

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I wrote an extensive post on how  ‘your story’ is the foundation for a campaign project, so here are some mighty helpful tips to get you thinking about creating a story of your own:

5 Tips
Using Storytelling to drive your crowdfunding campaign 

1. Video:
Your story is first seen on your crowdfunding video pitch. Follow the KISS rules – Keep. It. Simple. (For the) Stupid. The video’s length should no more than 3 minutes.

2. Use updates:
Make the most of campaign’s downtime, which is typically the middle period. Spread the word about your story and have weekly updates about key issues relevant to your campaign.

Example: If you’re about safety, share on relevat information on your Facebook page/email/post about information about safety issues or tips.

3. Use relevant language:
who is your targeted audience? Connecting with your tribe will ensure longevity of your project. It’s also about being engaging too.

4. What to include your story:
– who are you?
– what are your raising money for?
– why should anyone care?
– call of action

5. Be you!
By being yourself, your views and passion is going to shine through. I believe most of the support comes from people who like you.

Share with us your own storytelling techniques – how did you use it to help with project/campaign drive?


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