Getting Bleach

SC11_Bleached-10Have you ever watched Whiteland? It’s actually called ‘Wonder land’ but I like to point out how very generally plain and white Australian tele are. There’s a lack of cultural diversity found on commercialised Australian television. Shows like Neighbours and Home Away projects a ‘White Australia’ and doesn’t necessarily show who we are today.

It’s disappointing to see, we promote ourselves as being a multicultural society. Yet what remains to be seen are the lack of diversity found in the media, catwalks and television. Even when they do have other nationalities on the shows, why do they have to be the streotypical ‘token’ Asian or Indian?

There is a trend happening on reality television, we see more varieties and nationalities. Dami Im won the Australian X-Factor and she demonstrated a new kind of reality. She may not be born here, she and her family immigrated to Australia when she was young. Still, she recognise herself as an Australian. Her situation is similar to Miss American incident. When Dami won, twitter went crazy over her win, some were happy and some were pretty racist. The only positive was that Dami had a lot of love and support from the Australia, plus it helps that she was a strong contender and singer.

Changes are needed to be done to ensure we have variety and flavour on our Australian television. Lately I have flickering on to other channels such as SBS, ABC and NTIV. There shows are a lot more interesting. are making changes that far more advanced than commercialised ones. I wonder if this will be the case in 10 years time? I hate to see that kind of Australian white supremacy being groomed.


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    Australian mainstream tele:
    If you like colour, beware you might just get bleached

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