The Two Chairs is featured in Peril

I have been invited to be part of an online Asian Australian magazine.

Here’s an extract of the article:

Being yellow: about The Two Chairs initiative

Being yellow
Riding on the train is one of my favourite places to think and reflect. During a reflective train ride, I have come to a sudden realisation that I may be potentially known as the artist who like racist stories. The more I thought about it the more it doesn’t bother me. After all I am a story collector interested in exploring Australian cultural identity. At one point in my life, I questioned ‘what does it mean to be an Asian Australian?’ The only fitting answer came in the form of my childhood icons Banana in Pyjamas. I believe that B1 and B2 are Asian Australians. Like a banana, I am yellow inside and white outside. By accepting this I started to notice other things. Namely, that racism is part of our everyday Australian culture.



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