Secrets of Sydney

Hidden Gem of Sydney: Soda Factory

“If you have to check this place out. You will love it Suzie. Did I also mentioned that they are playing “Spirited Away?”

I’ve been in Sydney for last seven months and there are many hidden little gems to be revealed. Bat*, who has moved to the city around the same time as I, has been bragging on and on about Soda Factory and its yummy ‘Frank Sinatra’ hot dog. Every week, they play all types of movies, it’s free, and entice you with super cheap hot dogs and free popcorn. What’s not to like?!When I finally reached the destination, all I found was a tiny red Hot Dog stand. I kept walking up and down in the windy rain thinking to myself: Where is this darn place. It was only when a stranger comes whooshing in and opened a large fridge’s door. Durgh!! You’d think that the shop itself would give itself away. The door opens up to another door that leads into a spacious dark hipster like bar.

You can find Soda Factory at 16 Wentworth Ave

I’m going to miss Hayao Miyazaki

What inspired me to visit Soda Factory was film choice. They played my all time favourite movie; Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki.  It brought up a lot of memories of my siblings. We spend many hours watching anime and we are fans of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. So I am a little sad about the news about his retirement from the anime world.

I really respect Miyazaki and I am going to miss his work. He is a great storyteller. He doesn’t adhere to traditional plot structures. He is willing to share his political and social viewpoint and many of his stories teach us something. Whatever it be his anti-war views or that as humans, we are shades of good and evil. Miyazaki focuses on telling the story of the ‘good’ protagonist struggling against, and eventually defeating, evil characters. He believes in strong female role models; that girls and/or young women are much cooler than typical male protagonist.

Even The Simpsons pays tribute to Miyazaki, giving many shout outs to some of the best loved films from Studio Ghibli. And if you are a Miyazaki film fanatic, you are sure to be satisfied by the amount of whimsical references, from the Otto/Bus riding as My Neighbor Totoro, the Kwik-E-Mart walking around like Howl’s castle to Selma and Patty riding on broomsticks a la Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Have you watched any of Studio Ghibli’s films, what are your favourites?
Or perhaps do you have a secret to share about Sydney?
Leave a comment as I like to know about Sydney.

till than, peace out.

*names have been changed

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