Social Jiu-Jitsu masters

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The first time I went to The Workbench, I met a remarkably likeable person named Lachlan Hardy.


We sat down on the couch and he proceeds to ask me engaging questions after engaging questions about my creative project, my interest, my family and more.

When it was all said and done, he hits me over with one final statement: “Suzie, you’re cool. Whenever you’re in Sydney, come down to The Workbench and use the space.”

Lachlan Hardy is a Social Jiu-Jitsu master. He asked the right questions and left a strong impression. I met others, mutual acquaintances, friends, work colleagues and each and every one of them has only amazing things to say about him.

Social Jiu-Jitsu masters use their genuine interest and their social graces to cast a super charismatic spell over you.


Social Jiu-Jitsu is simple. Just ask the right and engaging questions. 

The first time you meet someone, stopped talking and start being an active listener. As you soon as you discovered a little about someone, ask him or her, how did they do it. Or why they did it. Or what do they what they do, or what they learned from it, or what you should do if you’re in a similar situation.

For 45 minutes Lachlan made me feel important, he did a Social Jui-Jitsu’d move and I love him for it.

Here’s a pro tip: Starting from now, in every meeting or meaningful conversation you have, engage and work to have the other person stop, think and say “Hmmm, that’s a really good question.”  That’s the goal.

It’s now seven months; I have based my artistic career in Sydney. I’m the community manager and the resident artist of The This is a space for amazing and passionate people to come and make shit happen. If you’re around Sydney, come down and have a chat with us, we love to hear the interesting projects

I was taught a valuable lesson, the secret to building relationships isn’t in the words you say, but in the questions you ask.

Want to connect with Lachlan, find him on twitter @LachlanHardy

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