Friendship and stories

On my personal Facebook today, I wrote:

Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like “yup I like this one” and you just do stuff with them.

And that’s what exactly happened today. I was returning to Sydney from my Easter break  and I was prepared to focus on my creative writing. But for the next 90 minutes, I was utterly enchanted by my seating partner. She started talking to me and within a few sentences from me she knew that I am a curious kind of cat. She instantly guessed that I enjoy learning and collecting life stories. I laughed and within moments I felt I was talking to a mirror of an older self. I thought to myself, she is a storyteller.

Was she a story teller? Yes, she writes but is currently taking a hiatus. She definitely gave out a creative vibe.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to disclose what we talked about. Take it from me, she leads an extremely interesting and exciting life. But it’s her story to keep and share. Hopefully she’d go back to writing and share her story to the rest of the world. If she ever reads this, I hope she know that I am thankful that we met. She reminded me that stories are deserving of sincerity. That stories are what connects us.

There is a strong bond between stories and people.

I also have been collecting quite a number of stories and thoughts online and realised that I have to be careful. As much as I like to collect tangents of stories online, I gather and document the thoughts after I gain the person’s permission. Otherwise what’s the point in collecting. It’s like I’m collecting a piece of their soul. To steal it will breach their sense of privacy and then the genuine sincerity is loss. I am constantly inspired by the tweets, events and conversation that happens around me.

I am glad that I made a choice to create my own path. To continue on collecting and making new work/stories has given me a wonderful sense of purpose. I genuinely believe that everyone has a story tell. Sometimes, I become so focused that I forget to stop and reflect. What did you learn about people today, Suzie?

I actually typed a whole paragraph and I deleted it all. The answer is I don’t know. LOL
Hmm, if anything people are genuinely wonderful, inspiring and sometimes cruel.

All I can say is live life with no regrets. We only live once.
Tell your story and plant a seed now.


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