Lets Binge on 30 Days of Tinder

On my Twitter timeline and in real life, my friends have been openly discussing their #TinderFails and experiences. I have succumbed to my curiosity and joined the bandwagon. The thing is I’m not looking for love but for the next 30 days I am willing to see what it’s all about. I am now one of 10 million people who are actively using Tinder.

Who doesn’t know Tinder? if you don’t, maybe you’re living under a rock. Anyways, Tinder is a super popular dating smartphone app but it’s also infamous for hook ups. For 30 Days, I’m planning to be an activer user and share my first hand experience, findings and thoughts with you.

There are few questions I like to explore while I engage with Tinder:

  • Is Tinder racist?
  • Genuine or Superficial, what kind of people uses the app?
  • Is there such a thing as Happily Ever Tinder?

I have also set up some guidelines for myself.

Rule 1:
Use Tinder for strictly 30 days

Rule 2:
Don’t meet any fellow Tinder in real life.

Rule 3:
Use it everyday for a minimum of an hour for the next 30 day

Rule 4:
Don’t engage in angry retorts and conduct yourself in a way you wish to treat others, which is mostly with respect (then again, respect is earned not given).

Collecting stuff is also part of what I do – I am a story collector and artist, with a strong interest in social media. So, I am taking snapshots of horrors, laughs and WDF moments.

Without further ado, how did I go?

Day 1: WDF? 13 Year old Tinderers

Location: North Western Melbourne

Tinder is hooked up to your Facebook profile and it allows you to see common interests and mutual friends. Woah, I didn’t realise it but on my Facebook profile, it says that I have 267 interests. haha oh my

I quickly told my friends what I’m doing and with mixed laughter they shared their own experiences. My lady friends chats about how Tinder gave them god-awful meet up and being inundated with douches. It seems like most have very mixed reactions. Thought a few agree, if you don’t take it seriously, it can be ‘shits and giggles’. One or two have met their partners on Tinder. Whereas majority of my guy friends are there for the entertainment value. I wonder if they use it to hook up themselves. I do know guy friends who are looking for love. All have advised me to be prepared for the backlash of dickheads. Duly noted

I like how one describes Tinder as ‘shits and giggles’.

I read the terms and conditions (as you do) and there is a statement stating that the minimum age to join Tinder is 13. Yes, at 13 you can prowl around and be exposed to idiots and predators. Apparently, anyone under 18 has different setting to adults. Still, it’s a disturbing thought that young people are recklessly using the app for casual sex. Then again, this app is infamous for being a hook up platform.

And how have I been selecting my tinder chatters?

Today’s patter is to swipe: right, left, right, left, right, left, right

Which translate to: Yeah, Nay, Yeah, Nay, Yeah, Nay….

On my profile it reads three simple words: Food finds me.

Within moments of swiping Yeahs, I received about 3-5 messages ranging from banal statement and questions like “I love food too”  to “Hey, what food found you today?”


Meet Robert, the legohead.

Eventually I asked one guy what made him swiped to the right and he replies back with “Oh you’re cute, you’re Asian and I like Asian food.” Excuse me, while I go and puke. I quickly unmatched him and made a mental note to self, don’t ask anyone that same pointless question again.

By pure coincidence, I also swiped right to a dude who happens to have a familiar face with him. On his DP (display picture) was a friend who I used to play outdoor soccer with. Alas, I felt that my friend was a major psychological deterrent. Funny, he likes food, arts and seems like a caring and genuine nice guy. He ticks most of the boxes yet I found myself waning.

Day 2 and 3: The stoner and the norms

Location: Melbourne

Another day of swiping right left right left and hurrah, I met a stoner who describes himself as a “well spoken rapper”, our conversation was very wordy indeed. In the end he became a one worded horny perve.

Normal people do exist on Tinder…
A message pops up: “1 mutual interest! Woohoo! I actually only have 4 or 5 things “liked” on Facebook so potentially we have more than one 1. 🙂 ”

I had an interesting conversation with a guy  who I shall nickname  ‘G-iron’. Well, in one of his pictures, he  demonstrate how domesticated he is, we see him ironing his shirt. From the very start, instead of writing a typical hello he went for it and just stood out from the rest. The political writer has decided to join Tinder to meet new people. He believes that by accessing a wide and vast network, he will expose himself to a variety of new people and interesting perspective.

Did I mention that he is super picky? From G-iron I learned a new Tinder slang; ‘Nopes’

You “nope” people you don’t like and his list is extensive. He likes to nope people based on following pictures:

  • at the races
  • jumping on the beach
  • the colour run
  • sedated tiger
  • snowboarding
  • raising an alcoholic drink to the camera

I laughed, geez he’s a lot more picker than I am. He mentions that ‘he is crazy fussy and that he is a 97% nopes.’

What are my list of nopes:

  • dick pics are a def no-no
  • racism
  • any beers/alchies cheering to the camera
  • any S&M, def not my scene

Did I mention we became Facebook friends? I facezoned, G-iron. OMG, its only been about 2-3 days and I think I may break my own rules.

Eric_CatTail Dominant
Location: Sydney
I’m back in Sydney and I woke up the next morning and I saw a message from a ‘Dominant (White) male looking for a bi-curious submissive’. He messages me at 2.45am.
Super keen for action are you?

27 days to go and already, I seen some dick pics and some really weird profiles. I also wonder why people don’t look at their DP and wonder about how present onerself to the world. If you want girls’ attention, you should give a decent and intriguing photo. Just saying…

More to come soon. I haven’t broken any of my rules yet. Phew


  1. I stopped using tinder a few weeks ago… too many douches for my liking lol. My coworker showed me cliqie.com and I’m a big fan of that over the others in terms of actually meeting people vs. just entertainment. It has a different approach that feels less sketchy cause you and your friends essentially act as “wingmen”. I like that it helps you find things to do too. Skout’s okay too, but still has it’s fair share of creepers

    1. Hey Casey,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. I never heard of any of these app/sites that you mentioned. I think dating sites are very similar in vein.

  2. […] thought “no: but I will make another friend. I facezoned him. haha I’m so terribly close to breaking my own rules again, BUT I haven’t met him in real life either. It’s fortunate that I’m not in Melbourne then […]

  3. Interesting … there are some ‘normal’ people on Tinder as well eh?

    1. Hey B,

      There are surprising many ‘normal’ people on Tinder. I’m one of few weirdos not looking for a hook-up
      Have you played Tinder before? If yes, what was your experience like? good/bad/interesting?

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