Day 6 of 30 Day Tinder:

Day 6: 

Location: Sydney

The standardise “Hi, how are you?” shits me to tears.

I tend to ignore these messages. Then again I never had to message anyone either. Except for that one time: a male colleague stops me when he saw a familiar face on Tinder: “Swipe right Suzie and ask him if works at Tio’s?”  He doesn’t work there but he is a frequent goer of the Surry Hills bar.

Frankly, I’m not interested in someone’s ‘How are you’ or ‘How’s your day’ questions. They really shit me to tears. Saying that, there are some solid text conversationalists on Tinder. I should know, I found a few already.

The best first message has to be this epic poem by a Tinder rapper:

It opens with: "I got riddle, I got rhymes."

It opens with: “I got riddle, I got rhymes.”

Before I could respond, he blocks me. haha. anyway, I would have said no. I have this rule number 2 that doesn’t permit to meet any tinders in real life.

Tinderly Ever After

I asked online if there are tinder success stories to share. Here a few:

Little Tinder Story 01
A couple even got married after meeting on Tinder. Success stories do exist. Just because there are dickheads (quite a number of them) doesn’t mean their a few good apples online. Fairy tales stories advise you have to kiss multiple and multiple of frogs before you find your prince.

Little Story 02
Another mentions that a friend of his is happy relationship with a fellow Tinder. I heard it was because they hook up and then it turned it something more. It’s been 7 months so far and it’s going strong.

Little Tinder Story 03
There’s a fascinating story of a PHD on social online dating and on her profile she mentions she’s looking for subjects for her thesis. In the end, one of her test subjects became her partner. I don’t know if its true or not but isn’t that a funny story.

Little Tinder Story 04
A young Sydney-sider just broke up with her partner and used the platform as an ego-boost. She didn’t meet anyone special, too many douches she says and a horrid first tinder date made her stop using the app. She did meet one guy; they had quite a number of mutual friends. They became good friends in the end.

Little Tinder Story 05
A girlfriend is now an ex-tinderer, has also originally treated the app as ‘shits and giggles’ and ending up find her current partner. She’s still dating him.

Courtesy Tinder Profiles 

And here are some courtesy rounds of Tinder profiles, mostly hilariously weird than douchey.


Image Image Image


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