Day 7: Tinder is uber racist

Before I start, I need to quickly vent it out:

So, this Stephen dude messages me with; “Hey Sexy Suzie”

And how did I respond back?
Yeah Nah, I didn’t bother. Why would I engage with such ass-douchery. This Stephen dude  has the nerve to show his nude self on Tinder. Sometimes, I wonder if guys do think things through. As I become slowly more mature, I can see why guys are like aliens from Mars.

Moving On…
My friend, Zack*, recently returns from Singapore and our catchup session quickly turns into an in-depth discussion about my 30 Day Tinder social experiment. Jokingly, I asked him if he wants to play for me. He happily obliges and with 10-15 quick successions, he swipes ‘yeah’. I laugh in awestruck wonder. Maybe guys really do swipe yay for everything…

Some of Zack’s enlightened social commentaries are:

Check those abs out
Woah, threes a crowd is a threesome. Sure, lets swipe right
It’s soooo easy being a girl.
So White, nope
WDF, matched again?!
OMG, here I have no matches but in Australia.
But in Singapore, a lot of girls like me.
You have another match.

Suzie, is tinder racist?

Yes, I wonder… Is Tinder racist?

Okay okay, Tinder is not set out to be about racial preference. Instead I think Tinder is filled with racial attitude and ignorance. There’s a lot of racists peeps hanging on tinder.
Allow me to enlighten you to some distinct set of Tinder patterns:

Hipster Racists

Tinder racist pattern 01:
Have you ever met a ‘hipster racist’? Typically a hipster racist likes to culturally appropriate another culture not of their own. It’s uber okay and so cool to wear; an Indian headdress, blacken their face to be a black face character. Lets bounce from red face to yellow face. Or what? It’s about showing up with henna tatts and being bindi like. So hip right?


Just because it is Halloween or a blardy costume party does not make it right. Anyways, here is a simple sum of what a hipster racist is:

cultural appropriation = hipster racism

White Saviours
Tinder racist pattern 02:
Then you have people who stick out like a sore white thumb. Typically, surrounding themselves with a group of ethnic people, typically cute children. I dub thee humanitarians: ‘White saviours’. What i see is a holiday trip , ego boost, and a band aid that you have really contributed to the greater good. Thank the kids for being so cute and embracing your help. Best google to learn: Volunteer Saviours Complex.

Speaking of which, I find myself growing an extensive nope list. And one of them is:
-if you are surrounded by people, I will swipe you to the left.
Two is a couple but three is a definitely a crowd killer.

Want more Tinder surprises?
There’s an awesome tumblr site that holds an album for Feline lovers and many unusual ‘exotic’ creatures. Go and visit  White Survivors Network 

Acute Yellow Fever sufferers found online

Remember my day 4-5 post? Well, I’ve wonder out loud and wondered is it because I’m Asian that I’m getting all these matches?

And to my extreme displeasure and horror….

I found this:

Researchers are showing data and patterns that most men prefer Asian women, while all women (except for Black women) are mostly drawn to White men. Oh dear, maybe it is because I’m a cutesy little Asian person than.

The horror continues with:

Buzzfeed report: Further studies have indicated that Asian women are the most preferred ‘race’ by men.

I need a bit of a cleanser now, acute yellow fever is popping up everywhere. I think it’s time I show you this tumblr site filled with Yellow Fever sufferers.

Creepy White Guys is worth exploring and checking out, here’s an snapshot from the site itself. A disturbing moment of a guy suffering from Yellow Fever.

Creepy Acute Yellow Fevers.

Creepy Acute Yellow Fevers.

Then I found this site… 

God of Style made his own Tinder experiment to show how Racist Tinderers are.
Apparently, you’re worse off if you’re an Asian guy.

(NB – Not my words, its extracted from the writers himself, and is backed my his own data and findings)

  1. Yes, Tinder is racist. Normal Asian guys need to break stereotype quickly and stand out to compete for white girls
  2. Fatties and black girls are more down to message all guys of any group
  3. A normal looking white guy can outperform a muscle Asian guy or Asian guy in a suit
  4. Even at guy model level, response rates were around 2.6% vs. HB9′s 20%. Girls just don’t ‘like’ everybody
  5. If you are a minority, you can compete at a high level with most normal guys in society by working out and having an edge. However, anyone who thinks that everything is fair and that racism doesn’t exist is ignoring reality.
  6. My other white friends have reported getting no matches and quitting, so it is possible that the picture has a huge factor to do with results.

There you go peeps, Tinder is more than just a sexual marketplace, Tinder is uber racist too.
Do you think scientist, will ever find a cure for yellow fever?


  1. […] fit outside the social norm and have their own extensive nopes list. And yes, I do believe there a certain racial bias coming to play […]

  2. Did you not find the comment “Fatties and black girls” noteworthy?

    1. Truthfully how are these words noteworthy?

  3. I think this is down to the general stereotype.

    I’m a chinese guy 26, well toned and defined body, I have done modelling for a bit, and is considered an asian guy at least 8 or 9.

    I’m outgoing and active, and always make people laugh with my clever jokes.  in fact I only have one asian mate who i see but not really hang out once a month, all my mates are white europeans mostly and I behave just like them (culturally and personality wise).

    When going out to clubs and bars, If I actually talk to girls, they generally  stick around and I can pick them up for the night.

    But when i signed up on Tinder, I tried the “100% like” by swiping everyone in the area to the right, but the match rate, besides those fake bots are only a few matches, zero reply.

    Then my best friend, who I share a flat with, a white guy who is considered good-looking, but not like “modally hot”, only swipe right to the “hot chicks”, in 2 – 3 days, he has over 40 matches!  And quite a handful of the girls started the conversation first and asked him out! 

    Then out of frustration, and trying to prove my “yellow fever” theory, I did a test: I signed up for Grindr and Hornet (The Gay equivalent to Tinder), same profile pictures and same descriptions…….

    GUESS WHAT? I have over 70 guys (mostly good looking modally ripped white guys) trying to start a conversation and hook up with me!!!

    So in my opinion for the lack of attention for asian guys on Tinder, is the fact that the whole Asian Race and Culture is generally considered more submissive and “soft”, and for Guys they are more attracted to someone feels a bit less dominant and thats why white guys with asian girlfriends are common; but for Girls wise, they don’t want to be with / or attracted to guys that feels less dominant (again just the silly general stereotype, my ex white girlfriend actually told me she wouldn’t have swiped me to the right on Tinder even though she thinks I was hot! just kinda scared of the big cultural differences and compatibility, and pictures only tell that much so mostly the girls don’t wanna take the risk to approach.)

    1. Apologies for the late reply, I saw this and like to thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      There’s been a number of study to demonstrate that we prefer to pick people based on whom we feel the most comfortable with. Saying that, I didn’t bring Grindr into this mix, but there do exist “rice queens”, White men who prefer Asian men.

      What you call silly general stereotypes, is an ingrained and unconscious bias. I agree race can be silly because that’s what it is.

      I had an Asian guy friend saying “I think I need to move to Hong Kong” – In Australia, he barely had one match per week, and when he was holiday in HK, he had over 50 matches in a day. So race does matter.

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