Day 8-10 of Tinder

Day 8 – 9

Location: Sydney CBD

Napoleon Dynamite

The Tall Factor

The Tall Factor

Sometimes I wonder, do guys have a Napoleon complex or something? It’s pretty common for a guy to mention their height on their profile, the taller the better. Is height a major factor for rejection or it really is a thing….I completely mystified.

Maybe someone would clarify the height factor for me?

A momentary sense of guilt

“I feel sorry for the guys you meet on Tinder,” states a male friend.

Ha, a momentary tinge of guilt passes me; am I playing with people’s feelings? There are people, who are lonely and genuinely looking for love… But the momentary guilt quickly passes and is replaced by amusement. Is Tinder the best place to look for love? There are many guys online who would ask me to go home with them (with those particular request, I just tell them that they are sleazy asshats and unmatch them.)

I have to admit, I like the simplicity of Tinder, it’s based on instant like and attraction – in a way it’s mimicking real life scenarios. People have bias and preference, the more I play with Tinder, the more I’m becoming aware of my own preferences and likes.

There are a few people who would use it to subside their loneliness, and even looking for potential partners. I feel sorry for them, in a space like Tinder, you will find more frogs than princes.


Saul and his first time experience
Saul*, 20 something year old, he knows quite a lot about Tinder but never actually used the app. Currently, he’s seeing someone and he favours Snapchat more. He mentions how many of his mates would use the app to score or be entertained. So, I let Saul have a go on the app and let him swipe on my behalf. For a good solid hour, he slowly goes through the profiles and giggling at the lames ones. Then all the sudden, he screams out and flicks my iPhone onto the table. I laughed and asked “did you see something unsavoury?”

He responds back with “I just saw a dick pic” and he asks if I see them all the time. Yes, welcome to female’s world of Tinder. There are many guys who would be super suggestive and flag out their weapons. We often see guys showing off their sausages online and they think it’s a cute suggestion. A friend shows me a undie shot:

I think we need to be aware that Tinder is conducive for all kinds of people especially lame dickheads who are using to find casual hook ups.

We live in a world of dicks.
Seriously we do and Tinder is filled with them.


Day 10

Location: Bondi Junction

I’m in Bondi for a meeting and the app quickly proliferates itself with a bunch of sailors, wannabe captains, surfers, beach goers and backpackers.

Tinder it up

But I quickly was amused by this particular message:


To ask a stranger out and suggest coffee is a big red flag. Who would seriously say yes within moments of matching up? Not me, that’s for sure.

Ebs and her 30 days of Tinder
A blogger has decided to join my social experiment, she’s also treating it as a ‘shit n giggle’ analogy. In blogs, she screen shot more ‘dickhead-like’ moments and share her own thoughts about Tinder. In a way, I see her blog posts “what not to do or say”.

I also enjoyed reading this little article, there are people who are openly frank about their Tinder experience: Love me Tinder

Courtesy Tinder Stories:

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