Day 11 of 30 Day Tinder

Day 11: Bikini Shots vs Dick Pics
Location: Sydney

So far I politely declined 4, or was it 5, requests to meet up. Despite being rejected, one persisted and follows up with a Skype request. We did have a good conversation going. He got a little too intense for me so I unmatched him. From the sound of things, I think he was fascinated with me, both on a professional and personally level. But sorry I’m not really that interested.

Ha, the power of the human and emotional whim.

I have been asked: “have you gone on a tinder dates before” and then I told them about my rule number two. Promptly they came back with: “what’s the whole purpose of it then if you don’t meet with up with them?”

Stan* shares his story and spoke about his Tinder dates, he has been on a number of first Tinder dates. He find is excruciating horrid, he felt like he was being intensely interrogated. He finds the whole ‘interview’ experience unpleasant and since then he never followed up with a second date. He still uses Tinder, he agrees with me, it has provided him with many hours of entertainment.

I think its fine to enjoy and find your value of entertainment out of it. Play it during on the train, play it to boost your ego if you like. Play it to kill time or if you’re bored. If you want to meet up for casual sex, go for it. You get what you want from it really.

Having rule number 2 has allowed me to enjoy the experience without any repercussions. A few of my observant friends have laughed at me and said, I bet you will continue to play the game after the 30 days is over. You’re having too much fun to stop.

Stacey* mentions that it be interesting to see if you do break the rule, doesn’t that mean you like them for real? I haven’t felt the urge to break it (yet).

Who knows… It’s true though; I am gleefully enjoying the experiment.

Don’t over think it; just try it out.

The ease of Tinder has made it like a game. The value is the idea of play. For me there is a strong play element to it. I stopped swiping left, right, left, right and reverted to pure instincts. If I hesitate I swipe to the right. There’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing. I still ignore the messages that opens with a generic first message, like “hey”, “hi suzie” or “how are you?”

Clearly you don’t know how to build rapport and engage with people.

I stopped swiping to the left and right pattern and instead been critical based on their first pictures.

G-iron sends me this pic, apparently this is a call out for some hanky panky. While girls get the dick pics, guys are bombarded with bikini shots. Check out her profile, note the “Know weak men allowed”

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