Day 12 – 13: Tinder Hearts & No No’s

Day 12 – 13

Tinder Hearts and No No’s

Location: Parramatta and Western Sydney

Almost two weeks in and Tinder is getting a tad dull. I’ve developed a nasty habit of being super picky and nice. I’m using Tinder the way it’s been designed: I perve and swipe my preference instantaneously. It’s all about the first looks. A shitty first profile pic will get the instant nope. With a whole round of nopes, I came back with a set of 5 matches. The rejected many are lucky, as they won’t be scrutinised for their awesome chatting skills (I can’t seem to find my sarcasm font).

Some of my big No No are:

  • Family pics (lovely, but not appropriate)
    – Pics with their wives (yes, there are a dumb few idiots who really in love)
    – Pics with your mates (unless you’re hinting that you’re into orgies)
  • Pics with no profile description (Thank you for putting the extra effort)
    – Races pics (Like lets drink and get smashed with class)
  • Pics with other chicks (What with White guys taking pics with their hotter chick friends. I mean shove off I rather talk to her)
  • Pics in a crowd (What with Asian guys and showing their posse)
    – Undie shots (Weak, you should have gone all the way)
    – Dick pics (HAHA, thanks for showing us your stick – does it do magic?)

Here are my favourite few:
the pissser AsianRy thelongconvo


Meet ‘B-word’
, a 30ish year who is an enthusiastic grammar Nazi. He’s a vegetarian and into things that hipsters like: Newtown, Surry Hills, coffee, food and drinks, and strange thing he is a lawyere. He’s also a solid conversationalist – a rarity in the world of Tinder. We chatted on and off for a while and he asked me out (I refused politely) but we continued to stay in touch. If I remember correctly, it became a full on chat when we talked about my work as an artist and story collector. He found the right trigger when we had a discussion about race and racism. Long story short: I disclosed my #30DayTinder project.

B-word quickly responded with a disappointed tone and that quickly passed. He continues to chat with me and interested in the dynamics of the app. Despite being separated, he remains an optimist romantic. B-word believes that true love exists.

Anways, he reminds of what I’m dealing in life. Lately, now that I’m more confident about my life – I’ve been receiving more compliments. It must be my long tresses. There’s something about guys who overly compliments me. While I would awkwardly accept their compliment, back in my mind I be like – ahh maybe he is trying to get in my pants. HAHA. I’m joking. But yes romance scares me. Anyways, I believe that Tinder is perfect in the way that you engage and disengage without putting your heart into it.

There should be a warning on Tinder, lonely hearts will get hurt here.


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