Day 16 – 18: Tindering in Gtown (Part 1)

My light bulb moment came from a fellow Tinder chatter, M-Drummer, 20ish muso. I’ve jokingly called him out for using Tinder to promote his band and gigs. It’s surprising spot on. He uses ‘Moments’ (a Tinder snapshot that’s allows Matchers to see a moment in your life for 24 hours) and generously invites me to see his band play. I think we have been matched around the time I was visiting Bondi. From M-Drummer, I’ve been inspired to go beyond the scope of it’s original intent – can Tinder be more than a dating app?


Tindering in Gtown

Location: Griffith, NSW

My creative practice and latest project has made me venture out to a rural big country town in New South Wales. It’s called Griffith but I like to call it Gtown. I’ve been building up a collection of stories and plan to curate them into the town’s local gallery. A large chuck of my story tellers are the seniors and people with diverse background. It feels like something is missing – I realised I didn’t have any stories from the younger perspective. Another problematic issue pops up; where the heck am I going to find them?

Thanks to M-Drummer, Tinder is the solution. Tinder is a modern gold mine for the young and bored. Tinder allows me to engage and potentially collect valuable information and insight about Gtown.

I quickly changed my profile to:
“I’m an artist and story collector. I’ve been commissioned by Griffith Regional Arts Gallery and I’m here for ‘x’ amount dates and would like to talk you . If you’re interested, feel free to say hi”


One Hour Tinder later ….

Gtown is super welcoming. Too welcoming. Within the first hour I was invited out to come over a guy’s house and go for a romp in hay or go for some spring rolls. I accidentally widen my scope and I had a 18yo from Wagga Wagga, who quickly says “I want a girlfriend and I think you’re hot” I politely refused and continued to persistent.

Maybe I should have added “no sex. Serious art business only” to my bio. Will that help dissuade assholes?

I went and sieved through a load of crap to find some nice genuine gems. I did the typically guy thing and accepted everyone, both girls and guys have been tapped. It takes me less than a day to make it to a hundred. Even so, I only had a handful that are willing to have a conversation and not ask for sex.

Then it happened, I made a conscious decision to break my Tinder Rule.

Jeremy (young 20 Year Old student) opens with:
“You’re doing something is really different, what brings you to Gtown?”

Jeremy is a rare person and possible bored out of his brains, we had a decent conversation and I shared some of my Tinder propositions with him. And then it happened: I BROKE MY TINDER RULE: I invited Jeremy for a coffee and asked if I could collect his story. You can listen to parts of our conversation here, we even talked about his experience of Tinder. Do you think I would be a cheat if I said; I didn’t technically break my rule as this is part of my art project. I’m working… ;P

You can listen to some of our conversation here:

Jeremy, a local born Griffinan, is currently studing medicine in Sydney. He is back in town visiting his family and we engaged in a lengthy Tinder conversation. He writes an essay style message and provides me further insight and background about the town itself: Griffith, population < 20k, is the middle of no where and has built its foundation in advanced agriculture and has been growing into a culturally diverse society and has a strong Italian influence. And yes, there is the mafia connection and we briefly touched on the assassination of Anti-drug campaigner, Donald McKay. His body has never been found.

When one stops to think about it – I’m in an unusually unique position. Not only have I’ve been travelling in around Australia, over three different locations and two states: I believe my experiences has provided an insight to Australian demographic and social conditions. Griffith provides a rare insight to a world of True Blue Aussies or country farm folks.

On the basis of the many DP pics I’ve seen, a pattern begins to emerge and they are:
– groupie pics
– farm pics with their animals
– ute pics
– car selfies
– patriotic flag wearing
– ball with debaunte presence

Gtown05 Gtown06 Gtown04 Gtown03 Gtown02 Gtown01

More to come soon, like my Tinder DP and my face gets splashed in the local newspapers.


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