Day 19 – 21: Tindering in Gtown (Part 2)

My Face & Friendships


Not only is my face splashed on to the local newspaper. It’s the same picture used for my main Tinder DP. A friend from Netherlands reads my Tinder experiences and explains something interesting to me:

“Suzie, I know you think DP means ‘Display Picture’ but I think you should know. DP can also mean ‘Double Penetration’.

How appropriate, on Tinderland, it’s all about the sexual innuendos.

A guy tweets me a question and asks if it possible to find platonic friendship online. The Netherland friend I mentioned before, J-msn, a 30 something-ish in the finance market, is my first online friend. I accidentally emailed him and asked about his soccer games then I added him on MSN chat. He thought I was one of those sex-spammers and I seriously thought he was my soccer friend. That was over 8 years ago, I never met J-msn in real life besides the occasional Skype chats. So, it is possible to find great friends online. I’m a frequent twitterer and met some amazing people online. I say it again, what you want you from Tinder you can find. From boosting your ego, to fulfill your curiosity or to find a holiday fling. Tinder is the way to go.

BUT I think what the twitter’er is really asking is: how can you find love and avoid getting hurt. Tinder for me is a substitute for busy people to connect in an easy manner. It shouldn’t be the only source of channel to find love. You need to be open to be hurt to find love. And because I’m treating this as an experiment, I find that the emotional baggage of putting myself out there isn’t that extreme or off putting. If anything, it’s been a lovely source of entertainment of human depravity.

Gtown (Part Two)
I digress, I want to continue on my Tinder experience in Gtown.


I have been having some frank conversations on Tinder. I remember providing solace to a lawyer dude. Funny thing too, he has been keen to meet up, I never accepted but we did had some enjoyable solid chat. One day he disappears from my Tinderlist. Either he has un-matched us or he deleted the app. No, I’m not all that bothered by it either. Such is the way with Tinder. Easy come, Easy go. 

But it’s the chats with the younger people of Gtown that has made me appreciate this country town. As mentioned, in my previous post – can Tinder be used more than a dating tool?

I have used Tinder as a way to promote my creative practice; I used Moments to share my stories, drawings and interviews. I also started to ask online some common questions, like “What do you do around here” There’s a common consensus that there isn’t much to do here beside; you drink, smoke, lap and/or have sex.

Unless you are part of sports club, there’s hardly any space for kids to call it a their own. Kids are encouraged to leave country towns when they hit 18. There’s a name for it, and it’s called a Brain Drain. Not to say, that many don’t return back to the quaint country town and bring up their own family here.

Do you know what lapping is? For a city girl like me, this country town ritual intrigues me.  You may know it lapping as blocking or maladies. Banana Avenue is the main street in Gtown and with its three blocks and various roundabouts is perfect for lapping. Apparently it has a culture around lapping, they fundraise, kids graduate and do a lap, and for its 100th year anniversary, they plan to lap too. I think it’s a social ritual as it’s about being seen, killing time and boredom and kicking back friends. Now, I am planning to create an installation based on lapping and looping. I’m looking forward to the exhibition that’s coming soon.

Can Tinder be used more than a dating tool?

I once read a tweet where it was a Tinder Fail, because the match asked her to support their Kickstarter project. But the answer is yes. Tinder can be used more than its original ‘dating’ purposes. Musicians have used it to promote their gigs. I have used to promote my art, show matches my behind the scenes, exhibition and scope out some potential stories. The fact that you can narrow it down to specific location, gender and age group means that you know easily use it to your advantage.

Without any due delays, here are some courtesy Tinder highlights:

By the way, my pet hate is, saying that I’m Chinese. Not all Asian are Chinese. My surname is Nguyen, it’s Vietnamese.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 10.28.15 PMThis Mikey dude opens up with line: Do you like Quidditch? He’s over 20 and clearly is a devoted fan of Harry Potter. But seriously, have you read what he wrote to me? What a douchebag.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 10.29.43 PM
Next time, I be sharing stories about the male body on Tinderland, it’s all about abs, ass and arseholes.



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