Day 24 – 25: D is Short for DTF (Part 2)

weirdo1Continuing on from the last post, J-Obama and I spent a good 10 hours on Tinderland and some of the weirdos that came out of hood could only be described as enthusiastic and open. Just like the conversation above, we told him we are Tinder trolling and yet he still want to meet and hang out with us. I think he is bored out of his mind. Ben is like many others that night who are willing to do anything for ‘fun’.  There have been many moments of incredible WDF and it only becomes more bizarre.



If you don’t know what DTF stands for, it’s an acronym for Down To Fuck.

And Le’DTF* is shown to be keen from the get-go. Within 40 minutes, we were able to grab Le’DTF attention and arranged to meet up for some casual sex. Without further ado, just read the convo here:

The great thing about this chat is that it wasn’t curated by me. There was a group of us trolling/catfishing this poor guy. He never had a chance really.

“Suzie, I think Le’DTF is a troll”

At the dinner party, I’m showing my new friends the full conversation of Le’DTF. We spend the whole day, trolling and tindering and it became an accidental game of catfishing and trolling.

I quickly ran away from them thinking they will demand they I delete the conversations. They didn’t. S* shares his opinion that Le’DTF is trolling us. I think he may be right. Still, it made for an enliven chat. At the end of the night, S* warns me that he be telling his mate, Le’DTF, about being trolled.

D is for Dicks

Then my iPhone dies from the overusage of Tindering. With a full battery, I turned my phone on and was surprised by a few responses.

I mean if you ended up being abandon, people will lash out. Surprisingly on Tinder, I never been labeled a bitch or given any other unsavory names. Even Le’DTF didn’t spurn out any resentment. Maybe S* is right, maybe Le’DTF is a troll like us.

creepI met an ego-centric musician. I laughed when he overly emphasised that he enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners. How romantic. Throughout the whole chat he would always revert back to the conversation to himself. It’s all about me and never once does he ask about me or what are my interests. Interestingly, he realises how much of a biatch I am and yet he still invites me to see his band play? Umm…wdf?!

Maybe he’s genuinely serious and looking for love. Still, if you’re looking for love, it’s a two way street. You need two to tango and love is about giving too. It not always about you Mr. Daniel.

And there are some guys who take it too seriously, just because you have a momentary moment of attention, there is no need for you to lash out. It’s Tinder, if you don’t click, move on. There are many plenty of fish in the sea.

J-obama was right, the-Ass* really did want the D. A few days later after he messages me, he offers to show his stuff and says he was joking and then promptly asks if we could meet up?

I politely declined.

juicybicepsNext post, I’ll be talking about the power of douchebag attraction and my first ever Tinder date.

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