Day 26 – 27: My First Tinder Date

Apologies for being slack, real time has caught up and I have been busy preparing for my Memory Map exhibition in Gtown. Now that’s done, I am more free to finalised and write about the 30 day social experiment.

“Suzie, you do know that D is for ‘dick’. It’s not a shorthand for DTF”.

Previously in my last two posts, I used ‘D’ as a bunch of something else. It’s a little embarrassing to be schooled in the way of the porn world. With that clarification and with that context, I think it’s best to note the differences and move on to my first official Tinder date.

The short story: What I thought was a Tinder date became a weird Tinder mission.


My First Tinder Date (or was it)

Remember the time I hesitated? I hesitated because a nice guy, Mr Nice asked me out for a run and I felt it was sincerely given. Still I refused and even told him what I was doing. Eventually I broke my golden rule for a story and I thought, the experiment is about to end, how about we go for a proper Tinder date.

One night I was suffering from dumpling woes and told Mr Nice about it. He recommends a top notch and authentic dumpling joint. I accepted.

A pair of sparkling diamond earrings framed his face. I pointed it out to him and he says that it helps balance him. Maybe he has the swagger Justin Biebs going for him. In a way he does look like an older version of Beibs himself. We sat down in the authentic Chinese dumpling joint – where it was bad and slightly rude service and the awesome dumplings.

Prior to meeting him, I had this inkling that he was a ‘Mosquito’ – a person who suffers from Yellow Fever. Does he have an Asian fetish?

Here are some highlighted symptoms:
– He grew up among Asians
– He has dated Asian women, but I think he has dated others.
– He has a thing for Asian women (then again, its my presumptions again)
– He appreciates Asian culture and frequently makes Asian reference.
– His close circle of friends is Asian.

Or maybe, he is ‘an Egg’ someone who is white on the outside and more yellow inside.

Once he worked as waiter for a Korean barbeque restaurant and eventually he was fired because many of the Korean patrons complained that he wasn’t Korean. WTF.

Within moments of sitting down, he starts talking about his own Tinder experience. I should mention that Mr Nice has prior knowledge of my Tinder experiment. He talks about being on over 100 Tinder dates. This is his second round of Tinder, he deleted it before as he was in a relationship and it didn’t work out. One time he had a choice of two girls and one was smart; the other was hot. He even mentions his latest favourite and yes; it’s an Asian lady who happens to have rich parents.

Then I flipped it around. I confessed to him that this meet-up was my first proper Tinder date. Then something amazing happens. Just like a rooster, he straightens his back and pops out his chest and became somewhat pleased. Did I unconsciously give him a green light to say all system go, I’m interested?

In a half joking manner, he asks “Do you sleep with guys on your first dates?”
I responded back with a surprise and said “What?”

I excused myself and went to the lady’s room. I came back and a sudden 180 degree attitude shift occurs, he stops talking about other women and became more flirtatious and attentive. Even when the dinner ends, he walks me out to the door and tries to kiss me (i went for a hug, he dived in for a kiss – it was comical missed timing but it was super awks).

Tinder date mission completed.

At least I had my D…umplings.

Do I still maintain contact with him? Yeah I do, but I think its safe to say that he found has moved on to other conquest.


[Edit: I just realised after reading my blog, wouldn’t this technically considered a tinder fail?]
[Edit 2: and do I count myself as a Tinderella?]

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