Memory Maps [Griffith]


Montage by artist: Griffith Regional Art Gallery (2014) “Please Do The Courtesy Loop” tape installation, 12 x 9 metres

My first visit to Griffith
A Griffith local and map lover named Johanna found me online and became one of my supporters of my art project, Memory Maps of Melbourne. We began to exchange emails and she told me about Griffith. I learnt that despite being in the middle of nowhere, the rural town has survived to grow into a 24 thousand-population town with strong irrigation infrastructures and agriculture. Now the town has a variety of diverse cultures living here. I was developing an art project at Wagga Wagga and I thought I would go visit Johanna and Griffith.

Project Description:
Memory Maps is filled with various mixed projects:
– a site specific installation, made out of tape (16m x 8m)
– ‘2860’ painting (signifies the postcode of Griffith)
– Memory Maps (a collection of audio and visuals)
– a live projection feed

In the smaller room, is the collection. The back end work and it showcases the looping and lapping found. In the main room, an installation is a direct manifestation based on the collection.

Lapping is a bit of a country town ritual where drivers (particularly youth or P-drivers) would circulate and lap around the main street. Some locals like to colloquially say “Let’s loop the main”. I say it’s a ritual as many sees it as killing time, bonding experience and/or hanging around.

Based on the collection of stories, interviews and memories, there is a common theme of looping and lapping. The site-specific installation itself is inspired by the Banna Avenue and hopes to triggers the local experiences of looping memories.

Below are some of the detail shots and photos of the exhibition:

Footsteps are found and leaves an imprint of engagement.

Footsteps are found and leaves an imprint of engagement.

doublevisionThe work above showcases the ‘double vision’ – the top is a live projection that records the man’s movement. The lines between the real and virtual becomes blurred.

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