Day 30: BSDM and Dick Pics

[Warning: The following content is uncensored and has inflammatory language]

I’m such a slow blogger. It’s been over month since I’ve completed the social experiment. But it never fails to make me smile or giggle. Even now, friends and strangers alike have continue to tell me their Tinder stories. After writing about my first Tinder date, an old friend from Melbourne calls me up and shares her own experience. Her first meetup also ends in a Tinder fail. A few days ago, a friend tells me that she has been reading my Tinder blogs and she knows one of my ‘matches’. We both agree that he is a bit of an idiot.

After chatting to her, I’ve been given an insight to the male of psyche. It was pretty petty. I’ve learnt that he sees himself as a super generous guy?! Apparently I was given a second chance to show my womenly worth. In reality, he thought I was a self-centered bitch or something. WUT?! From my side, I have to admit, our conversation was super dry, and all he did was attempt small talk and then he always progresses to tell me to come out. ALL THE TIME.

Tinder, you are really shits and giggles.

It’s the last few days before the Tinder experiment ends. So, what happens?
Did I fall in love? Did I find something even more perverted?

So very much yet so very little.

DAY 29-30: BSDMs And The Ultimate Dick Pic

I’ve set my Tinder’s geo-location to have a 6km radius. Being so tight it allows me valuable access to the area’s psyche. Specifically it shows me a pattern of guys and the personality type the area attracts. Yes, it generalising but hey so is Tinder. All we do is pick on our bias, yeah he/she is hot, yeah he/she is not. Superfluous Tinder, how I adore thee.

And based on the locations, what are the boys like:
In Surry Hills, its filled with hipsters, graphic designers and more hipsters;
Bondi is all about captain wannabes, surfies and beach goers. BUT it’s also backpacker central;
Parramata proliferates itself with young rooster and puppies, looking for a quick screw;
Ultimo are all about tech heads and international uni students;
But Erskineville, you surprised me the most. What’s with all your requests for BSDMs? Sorry, I am no one’s slave or master.

Screen shot 2014-08-23 at 9.35.11 AM Screen shot 2014-08-23 at 9.35.23 AM

Regardless of the place, there all had one common theme. There’s always someone who has to be a dickhead. Maybe just a dick is a thing, a Tinder thing. There’s always one with a dickish attitude; or they think its hot to show their ultimate tool. Always!

Then,on the last day, I found the ultimate dick pic. Ultimate being the worse; I’m remembering going through the motions –  flickering through the photos and I stop to look at one.

I thought to myself “what’s this?” then I realised it was an erected penis. Being shown from a bird’s eye view. Dude, why did you have to be a literal wanker for?! Even thought I’ve took a screen shot of it, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to see.  Unfortunately, most of you bunch have vivid imaginations. Sorry to tarnish your minds; Think hairless, erected penis! Imagine that.

30 Dates of Tinder
Thirty Dates of Tinder by Kate Iselin

I felt my ego went up just a tad when I learn that a Sydney-based writer, Kate Iselin is doing a similar based project. She was inspired by my own experience but I got to hand it to her, she jumps another level and decides that she will go on 30 Tinder Dates. Yes, more hardcore and more hilarious.

Now that I went on a date, I realised I’ve been using the Tinder the wrong way. It was more hilarious when I went and meet these Tinder princes. Oh wells, lesson learnt peeps, go and meet up with them. No matter how much cool they sound online, you won’t know if you click with them till you meet them in real life.

So far, she’s been on 4 epic dates. Go on and have a read: Thirty Dates of Tinder

My Second Tinder Date
Oh, have I mentioned I went on a second Tinder date? Not with the Yellow fever Guy but a match googled me. I tell you about it soon on my next blog post.

Other than that, I’m curious, do you have a favourite spot for Tindering? Tell me about your last Tinder date, was it a Tinder fail or success?


Oh, here’s some conclusive thoughts about 30 Days of Tinder. 

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  1. BAP Blog · · Reply

    Yes, I pretty much always want to know what someone looks like naked. I get that this isn’t the same for everyone. As an Internet and general pervert, I’ve thought about this especially since some ladies seem to really be into graphic nudity. Anyway, I agree the default should be no cock shots. It’s not even the right timing for that kind of revelation. So gentlemen flashers out there… I know you’re trying to be nice, but ignore the golden rule on this one and do not do unto others.

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