My ’30 Day of Tinder’ Conclusion (Part One)

Even though the social experiment, 30 Days of Tinder, has ended last year, I have yet to share my conclusions about Tinder. The online dating app has continually held my interest as it allows me to explore social connections, sex and dating. Through it all, I’ve became fascinated by the online dating habits and sexual nuances. I even learnt more about myself.

My friend was right to say:
“Once you’re done with Tinder, you’re just going right back into it.”

After the 30 days, I did delete the app but a few days later, I download it again. No one believed me when I mentioned that I’ve been hired as on online dating researcher. On Tinder, you can discover a visual language developing, you can spot who wants the deed or not. There are many Tinder-peeps who are selling their body as if it was like an auction block. Sometimes they give themselves away freely and others will ask you to pay for it. Apparently, brothels are losing business because escorts are now becoming online sex-treprenuers.

The other visual that we are all familiar with is dick pics. I feel like I’ve seen so many that I’ve become somewhat of an expert and I should write an advice column on: How to create a perfect dick pic.

Also, the art of asking for sex is very masculine. Indeed, I learnt there is no female sexual language. It makes you wonder, how do women usually ask for sex? Maybe it’s not about the asking but the signals we unconsciously give out or we have to do. Saying that, in this day and age, why do we lack a female sexual equivalent?

Tinder, you just gave me more questions than answers.

Despite it all, there have been some good stories to come out of the experiment. A friend tries to complete her own 30 Days of Tinder, in the end she went on to two dates, all on the same day. She lasted a week because she is now going out with the second date. A success failure, she did a lot better than me. She gained someone new in her life and I was left with many memorable giggles.

Which demonstrate that online dating is just a means for the bigger picture, which is… we still crave and want human connection. Online has given many opportunities for our busy lifestyles to be streamlined.

So far, I’ve found Tinder has instant appeal and allows for:
– instant ego inflation
– instant laughs
– instant gratification

Alas, I’m going to share more in detail tomorrow.

On a last note, I still thing it’s geared towards men. Funny enough it does appeal to my inner-male ego. For that reason, I think Tinder is a bit of a wankfest.

READ PART II: Despite the willingness of men, I’ve found Tinder to be….

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