Tinder love on Valentine’s Day

A certain sense of vulnerability overwhelms me on Valentine’s Day. Being single, I kind of dread the on-slaughter of mainstream, mass market love. Everywhere you go, especially on Facebook, you’re being bombarded with love ads – instead of evoking “oh, it’s a special day for love” it can be roughly translated as “dude, you don’t have a date and you be forever alone”.

How melodramatic does that sound?

Valentine’s Days for the singles should be embraced wholeheartedly. If my theory is correct, you’re more likely to find sex than everlasting love.

I was skyping a friend about my Tinder experiment when Kaye* shares his online dating highlights. In particularly he talks about how special holiday seasons can be.

Even though Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I realised there must be other calendar days where many are likely to connect and mingle.

Generally, I believe that the online sexual power is in the ladies’ court. You don’t have to work hard to get sex, you can pick and choose a guy who you like to be with. Whereas guys, they have to flick through an ridiculous amount of swiping, go through the many awkward attempts in small chit chat and just maybe they can find a lady who’s willing to chat with you.

But there is a window of opportunity that levels out the playing field for both sexes. On certain days on the calendar, people tend to be more suggestive to making or accepting moves. I’m using Tinder in this situation as its familiar format and works to anyone’s advantage.

Namely, your success rate for finding sex is higher.

Valentine’s Day
It’s on tomorrow!

I won’t go on a repeat, but yeah it’s truly a day for lovers. Instant love can be found on Tinder and any other online dating apps that allows for easy and quickie meet-ups.

St Patrick’s Day

“Hey, where abouts are you?”

Mason* received an unusual high traffic of messages from the ladies during St Patrick’s Day. Most likely they want to see if he was close by. Unfortunately, he disappointed tells me that he couldn’t strike gold – he was out of town. With that response, many of the ladies don’t bother messaging back.

He didn’t realised it then but these ladies were scoping out his availability and accessibility. They quickly ditched him and found another lucky fellow to bed.

People tend to be jolly on St Patrick’s Day.

Christmas Day
Christmas Day for many travellers, singles and the San-family brings out the woes of the lonesome heart.

Have no fear, you can find all types of presents online. Simply swipe and hello instant, but temporary, attention.

New Year’s Eve
Midnight rendezvous are more likely to happen on this very ample day. Kaye, I suspect felt like a Casanova, many girls were playing the old-age of dilly dally. In end he had a few offers to meet.

NYE is the time to Tindering, you may have your own bonus midnight kiss.

From this we can quickly conclude that festive seasons ey… Are full of opportunities. How about having an electric night full of passion and maybe be followed by an awkward morning of hellos? There are choices out there, please don’t be one of those peeps lamenting about the lack-there-of of a connection.

Happy tinder holiday. It’s a season full of success.



  1. The concept of using tinder just for sex is really scary for me. Perhaps because I don’t like the idea of one night stands I dunno. But I guess if both parties are lonely and tinder is helping them out that’s good.

    I really think tinder is a dual edged blade for women though, boosts their confidence no question but I wonder what the feeling is like the day after? (I have no female friends who tinder so honestly no idea).

    Will you be hitting up tinder tonight stringstory (Suzanne, I dunno what to call you sorry) ?

    1. I have my owns plan tonight. I think I’m kinda getting too recognise to make use of it lol – what a pity

      1. haha the downside of being famous! oh no, no random hookups from tinder. You must be so devastated! (just to be sure, that was sarcasm).

        I hope you have a good valentines, personally biggest choice for me is Zelda or Diablo tomorrow!

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