The (extended) Story of ‘String Story’


Waking up again the humdrum of everyday life is not exactly what I call living. Against the drivel of a 9 to 5 job, I began to dread waking up every morning. My inner soul weeps and demands that “we go back to being an artist and make sense of the world” but my practical side of me goes, “You got to earn to eat and buy pretty things. My dear, money drives the world round”.

My early life was a straight line, with a steady and formal education, I graduated as an Interior Designer. When I finally worked as one, I imagined it to be filled with design and creativity. It was the exact opposite. The clientele, we had, lacked imagination and money was the key driving force behind many of the hospitality projects. Again, this is not the life I’ve imagined. For years, my inner soul cries.

So I finally listened and made the street, my living canvas. Design became a tool and I went back to the basic of using my imagination. With a piece of string, I visually connected the lost memories of the people and place – and that’s how ‘String Story’ has received its name. It’s all about the missing connections and how we tie them together.

That was 4 years ago and the life of an artist is a lot harder than anticipated, my relatives would sometimes ask me when I will go back to a ‘real job’. I honestly don’t think I ever will. I am living a cliche life where I get to love what I do and earn while I’m doing it.

My creative practice continues to evolve. I found myself chilling and working online. My work continues to find and challenge inherent systems, but I continue to still connect dots. The tangible strings has become invisible. Crossing the real to virtual, I connect the dots and patterns of community and people, place and time.

On a commercial level, I found clients who allow me to drive their content online and create interesting brand awareness. Who would have thought they you can make money by being ‘social’.

This year, it’s all about the digital storytelling.

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