About Me

Yes, I really think I am a banana:

I’m an Asian Australian. Actually, I’m more of a banana with a yellow and white complex.

Also, if you can’t say “Nguyen”, I don’t think we can be friends. If you need help, I have a poem to help you pronounce it. (I’m serious) This year I plan to record it (somehow).

Sometimes I wonder if the word ‘multiculturalism’ is a political jargon to cover up the high level of low-level racism found in Australia. Which is why I find it interesting that we still ask people “where they come from?”

These are some of the collection of thought and stories I’ve gathered. I am interested in race politics. It helps that it contributes to my on-going project with The Two Chairs. I’m also interested in other things, but that’s something I hope to explore this year. It’s the year of doing. I’m just going to make good crap and heaps of it too.

On a personal note…

I was born to parents who had escaped from the war in Vietnam and sought refuge in Australia. My life started in Sydney with my family and my four siblings, but I grew up in Melbourne. Even though I graduated as an Interior Design (RMIT University), I felt creatively disconnected and found my raison d’etre through art. It’s been over 5 years now and I loving every minute of it. I’ve moved to Sydney to further my artistic/creative practice and currently experimenting my work via the social media space.


I’m a Story Collector
I build a collection of gathered stories and allow the ideas/thoughts manifest themselves into objects and projects, including exhibitions, installations, publications and animations.

I’m an Artist 
I just make art and help connect interesting ideas together. I believe art can shift one’s conscious and open them to new possibilities.


My goal for 2015 is to make more:

– draw my thoughts and inspiration everyday (you can follow my progress on Instagram)
– write more
– create more art
– and combine everything that I learnt by streaming into the online experience (the thing we call social media)

This purpose of this blog is to focus on my writing:

There would be many accounts of misadventures, pondering life thoughts, social experiments and artistic inspiration.

Artistic portfolio:

visit www.suzannenguyen.com.au
Contact me: stringstory (at) gmail (dot) com

[updated Jan 2015]



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