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My ’30 Days of Tinder’ Conclusion (Part Two)

Someone once said that the secret to youth is to laugh often. If that’s the case, I have to thank Tinder as I have lost a few extra years to my life from all the laughter. Tinder is my shits and giggles. So many luls. Tinder has a way of providing women and men a […]

My ’30 Day of Tinder’ Conclusion (Part One)

Even though the social experiment, 30 Days of Tinder, has ended last year, I have yet to share my conclusions about Tinder. The online dating app has continually held my interest as it allows me to explore social connections, sex and dating. Through it all, I’ve became fascinated by the online dating habits and sexual […]

Day 30: BSDM and Dick Pics

[Warning: The following content is uncensored and has inflammatory language] I’m such a slow blogger. It’s been over month since I’ve completed the social experiment. But it never fails to make me smile or giggle. Even now, friends and strangers alike have continue to tell me their Tinder stories. After writing about my first Tinder […]

Day 28 – 29: The Douchebag Attraction

It’s the last few days on Tinderland and one cute thing did happen. I was matched with a dog named Shado. His first opening line is “woof woof” (then I thought about it, maybe that’s just creepily cute?) The owner did follow up with a thank you message and apparently he met some matches in […]

Day 26 – 27: My First Tinder Date

Apologies for being slack, real time has caught up and I have been busy preparing for my Memory Map exhibition in Gtown. Now that’s done, I am more free to finalised and write about the 30 day social experiment. “Suzie, you do know that D is for ‘dick’. It’s not a shorthand for DTF”. Previously […]

Day 24 – 25: D is Short for DTF (Part 2)

Continuing on from the last post, J-Obama and I spent a good 10 hours on Tinderland and some of the weirdos that came out of hood could only be described as enthusiastic and open. Just like the conversation above, we told him we are Tinder trolling and yet he still want to meet and hang […]

Day 24 – 25: ‘D’ Is Short for DTF (part 1)

Location: Sydney CBD J-Obama* rocks up with his Obama tee for our meeting and sure enough, we start comparing Tinder experiences. He laughs at the amount of matches I have and lack of matches from his side. He shakes his head in disagreement and with a slight smile, he mentions how terrible it’s been for […]

Day 22-23: Abs, Ass and Arseholes

Today’s post is all about the male body on Tinderland. There’s something about guys showing off their abs on Tinder. I mean having a six pack is awesome and all, after all, you did work hard to achieve it. Still, I have to wonder… Are you showing off the sake of showing off or maybe […]

Day 19 – 21: Tindering in Gtown (Part 2)

My Face & Friendships Not only is my face splashed on to the local newspaper. It’s the same picture used for my main Tinder DP. A friend from Netherlands reads my Tinder experiences and explains something interesting to me: “Suzie, I know you think DP means ‘Display Picture’ but I think you should know. DP […]

Day 16 – 18: Tindering in Gtown (Part 1)

My light bulb moment came from a fellow Tinder chatter, M-Drummer, 20ish muso. I’ve jokingly called him out for using Tinder to promote his band and gigs. It’s surprising spot on. He uses ‘Moments’ (a Tinder snapshot that’s allows Matchers to see a moment in your life for 24 hours) and generously invites me to […]