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10+ Films to be Excited About

2013 has been filled with films of caliber. Looking at the list below, most of them are Oscar contenders. While plot is important, I have a soft spot for strong performances, visionary directors and beautiful cinematography. Here’s my list of the film I am kind of aching to watch:   12 YEARS A SLAVE Cast: […]

Crowdfunding: Story tips

I wrote an extensive post on how  ‘your story’ is the foundation for a campaign project, so here are some mighty helpful tips to get you thinking about creating a story of your own: 5 Tips Using Storytelling to drive your crowdfunding campaign  1. Video: Your story is first seen on your crowdfunding video pitch. Follow the KISS rules […]

10 Reasons Why Art is Valuable

The value of art Art enables people to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and imaginations. It is a means by which people can express their sense of identity. It enriches our lives by providing us with a way to see and experience the world through the eyes of others. Art is intrinsically valuable because: 1. Art tells […]

5 Reasons Why We Tell Stories

 1.   SO YOU CAN PLANT IDEAS By simply telling a story, you could plant ideas, thoughts and emotions into the listeners’ brain. 2.   WE LIKE STORIES What’s not to like? Stories are illustrative,relatable and memorable. Stories engages us, entertain us and helps  build strong connection with our listeners. 3.   WE ARE BORN TO TELL STORIES As human beings, […]