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Why Do You Do Art?

During the beginning of the year, I went on a road trip to Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane, my younger sister ask me while we ride on Pacific Highway; “What made you want to become an artist?” I was a little stumped and I went down a little spiral of contemplation. On my last post, […]

My ’30 Days of Tinder’ Conclusion (Part Two)

Someone once said that the secret to youth is to laugh often. If that’s the case, I have to thank Tinder as I have lost a few extra years to my life from all the laughter. Tinder is my shits and giggles. So many luls. Tinder has a way of providing women and men a […]

New Year Resolution or a Warning?

source: New Year Resolution Hi peeps, Today is the ninth day and time flies when you’re having fun. Have you checked my latest comic? It’s more of a disclaimer than a new year resolution. haha I plan to explore a certain theme and it’s: Being Yellow in ‘Straya.  I must admit sometimes it ain’t easy being […]

A Twisted Love Story

  There are rare occasions where we, my three siblings and I, are in the same time and place. We decided to spend our time together watching Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave. After 90 minutes, we all came out touched and stained by the harrowing and intense experience. The next day, I met with […]

Meet John de Jong & his cultural identity crisis

Twitter interview with John de Jong John de Jong (@johndejong) is a filmmaker and Vietnam War scholar. But what really intrigued me is a statement he once said “I struggled with my identity as Asian Australian.  Which is probably the main reason why I have approached John for an interview and it ended up being […]

Part One: Meet Ellie & her wacky adoption story

Ellie, a Korean Asian Adoptee and this is her story The first time I met Ellie Freeman was on Twitter and she was the one who first approached me. Ellie was interested in my project, The Two Chairs. She interviewed me for her own radio show, Where are you from? I have been closely following […]

Comic: Curse of Climate Change

The curse of the climate change? I like rain but what happens when you deny Climate Change exist? That! The whole weather system is confused. Current Australian government likes to think Climate Change is a faux global issue. Speaking of which, have you met my friend, Climate Council?

Getting Bleach

Have you ever watched Whiteland? It’s actually called ‘Wonder land’ but I like to point out how very generally plain and white Australian tele are. There’s a lack of cultural diversity found on commercialised Australian television. Shows like Neighbours and Home Away projects a ‘White Australia’ and doesn’t necessarily show who we are today. It’s […]

Alienating Encounters

About two weeks ago I was fortunate to be on a twitter curator for @WeAreAustralia. We had some really hearty chats about ‘casual racism’ and these are the comments/inspirations that came out during the week. Have you had some recent alienating encounters?

Ordering a bowl of Pho

Pho is a well known and delicious Vietnamese noodle dish. Pho is similar to the word ‘Faux.’ Which is pronounced FOE. Like hoe, low, dough, grow. Want to learn how to pronounce it properly, listen to this recording Learn more about the history of pho.