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The (extended) Story of ‘String Story’

HOW MY ART & CREATIVE PROJECT STARTED… Waking up again the humdrum of everyday life is not exactly what I call living. Against the drivel of a 9 to 5 job, I began to dread waking up every morning. My inner soul weeps and demands that “we go back to being an artist and make […]

Oh, How I Hate Writing

We were alone outside a hallway and a teacher disappointedly said to me; “if you don’t get your act together, you will fail English”. I hate writing. When I was younger, I found writing to be a tedious chore. Ironically, after school my sibling and I would often hang around the library. I found myself […]

A Cloud of Darkness Followed Me

You’re at a pitchfork in life and you have only two choices, do you turn to face reality or pretend it never happened. Neither, lessons can be learnt during dark times. Besides, alternatives pathways can be made all the time. I was around 21, when my blinkers slowly turned off and I found myself immersed […]

Big West Festival invite

We are all people. Refugee and immigrants are people too. There’s an unfortunate negative stereotype, misconceptions about people from all nationalities, yet we still call Australia home. The project is an installation piece set up in a cafe. The aim is to challenge our cultural identity by having these conversations. It also aims to break […]

Bazza’s Day Out

Bazza is my 18 year old mate and he knows that I like to see more of Sydney. We decided to check out Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi. He cracks me up so much. Not only is he a ice cream fanatic, he likes to share his opinion about everything. This is some of […]

The Story Collector & The Coffee Queue


Have you seen the new show ‘Wonderland’. Have you noticed the lack of diversity? Is Australian commercial television racist or not? -sn

Shannon Keane shares his design & thoughts with @TheTwoChairs

Hi Shannon, Thanks for being part of The Two Chairs initiative, we are excited to have you and your awesome illustration skills on board. Do you mind Introducing yourself? Howdy! My name’s Shannon Keane. I am an illustrator/painter/designer/whatever’s fun or interesting. How did you find out about The Two Chairs? I found out about The Two Chairs through […]

I’m not racist, but I like candy.

I’m not racist, but I like candy. Note: “I’m not racist, but” is not a valid legal disclaimer That title looks ridiculous, even though grammatically it’s correct. Saying it out loud it almost sounds like the start of a Seussian rhyme, as though the second line should be “I like beaches because they’re sandy” followed […]

Do You Have A Dollar?