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Tuesday: A day for chats & stories

Every meeting is an opportunity and every introduction a potential relationship. There’s no need to pretend, just be yourself. I must say my all-time favourite day of the week is Tuesday now. Why do you ask? Well, on Tuesdays, I have the opportunity to collect stories from people from all walks of life. On the […]

Memory Maps Portfolio

  A Collection of Memory Maps Showcasing a series of -people’s drawings and their personal memories of Melbourne City – exhibition at Federation Square (Feb 2012) – and a growing collection of hand drawn maps Click here to see more Memory Maps  Photos taken by Rayelz Design & Photography 

Adventures of The Story Collector

Comic No.1 by Suzanne Nguyen 26 February 2013

5 Little tips to be a TOP Story Collector

1.   REALLY, TRULY LISTEN! Pay attention to the words and message others convey. Try to avoid thinking what to say next and focus on what they are saying.  2.   BE FRIENDLY At least, appear to be friendly. The aim is to show that you are a sociable, open and relaxed person interested in having an interesting conversation […]

The Game Plan

THE GAME PLAN The BIG plan is to collect 1000 stories in Australia. PLEASE GIVE ME STORIES! 
I am going to a very public spot and have a huge sign saying “A Dollar A Story”. People are curious creatures, they will come my way and ask. And to get the ball rolling, I will be […]