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I’m not racist, but I like candy.

I’m not racist, but I like candy. Note: “I’m not racist, but” is not a valid legal disclaimer That title looks ridiculous, even though grammatically it’s correct. Saying it out loud it almost sounds like the start of a Seussian rhyme, as though the second line should be “I like beaches because they’re sandy” followed […]

Lets raise $3K in 2 weeks

Racism is a culturally sensitive topic, unfortunately it is deeply embedded into the fabric of our society. Current anti-racist organisations such as ‘All Together Now’  and ‘Racism, it stops with me’ are campaigning to raise awareness by sharing knowledge to refute unacceptable racist behaviours and attitudes. While ‘The Two Chairs’ plans to engage and unite […]


One twitter day, I received an e-introduction from a Sydney friend of mine, and that is how I first met Bhavesh Bhuthadia. He tweeted me and said he will be organising a #scribbleMelb. I rocked up to the night, having no inkling what I am getting myself into, and what an awesome night it was. The theme […]

Racism is deeply embedded into our society

Truthfully, I never had any intention to be part of the racist debate in the first place. Then I found something that blew my mind. On a furniture piece made during the 1950’s, there was this stamp and it reads: European Labour Only. During the White Australia Policy, the Europeans at the time felt threatened […]

Speak Human

PRACTICE THE SKILL OF MAKING PEOPLE MATTER Listen to the people around you. Walk along the city street. Sit in any café. Eavesdrop to telephone conversations on the train. And this is what you’ll find – Everyone is having the same kind of convo.   The early morning coffee junkies, the startup hub members, students […]

You say erotica – I say Convo

As part of ‘PROFILE ME’ Questionnaire, this is for Eugenia Lim 1.     What will you be when you grow up? Straight up – I want to known as the world’s best story collector. 2.     What makes you happy? There is nothing more erotic than a good conversation. Give me a worthy chat and that will make make […]