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Changemaker festival 2013

The moment I realised I became a changemaker was when my art project, The Two Chairs, evolved to being an antiracist organisation. The last eight months have been a whirlwind of action and momentum. Through crowdfunding with Pozible and StartSomeGood, I was able to connect with likeminded people and create other various collaborative projects. This […]

Suzie’s Melbourne list

As I write the list of place to go, eat, drink and see, I am hit with a sense of nostalgia and longing. I grew up in Melbourne and it’s my one of my favourite city. There is a great feeling of culture and vibrance. The city is famous for its trams, grid like streets […]


Have you seen the new show ‘Wonderland’. Have you noticed the lack of diversity? Is Australian commercial television racist or not? -sn

Shannon Keane shares his design & thoughts with @TheTwoChairs

Hi Shannon, Thanks for being part of The Two Chairs initiative, we are excited to have you and your awesome illustration skills on board. Do you mind Introducing yourself? Howdy! My name’s Shannon Keane. I am an illustrator/painter/designer/whatever’s fun or interesting. How did you find out about The Two Chairs? I found out about The Two Chairs through […]

I’m not racist, but I like candy.

I’m not racist, but I like candy. Note: “I’m not racist, but” is not a valid legal disclaimer That title looks ridiculous, even though grammatically it’s correct. Saying it out loud it almost sounds like the start of a Seussian rhyme, as though the second line should be “I like beaches because they’re sandy” followed […]

Why Are We Afraid of Peace?

A few weeks ago I was on a tram heading down Swanston Street when I spotted a table on the corner of Bourke Street. From memory, there were two people at the table, nodding and greeting to the people walking by. The table was covered with the usual flyers and books. A banner sits at […]


One twitter day, I received an e-introduction from a Sydney friend of mine, and that is how I first met Bhavesh Bhuthadia. He tweeted me and said he will be organising a #scribbleMelb. I rocked up to the night, having no inkling what I am getting myself into, and what an awesome night it was. The theme […]

Racism is deeply embedded into our society

Truthfully, I never had any intention to be part of the racist debate in the first place. Then I found something that blew my mind. On a furniture piece made during the 1950’s, there was this stamp and it reads: European Labour Only. During the White Australia Policy, the Europeans at the time felt threatened […]

New Project: The Two Chairs

One of the stories I have found shows a dark and racial history of Australia. There was a stamp found underneath this chair. On this stamp it reads “EUROPEAN LABOUR ONLY”.  During a time of the White Australia Policy, the European Australians felt threatened by the Chinese furniture makers. They offered Cheap labour and made […]

Video: Meet Suzanne

Date: 15 April 2013 Dear HubSydney, My name is Suzanne Nguyen and I am a creative entrepreneur as well as a story collector. I was really excited when I saw this opportunity to be the Connection Catalyst at Hub Sydney. I am an optimistic person, a strong communicator and a good listener. I believe that […]