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Mate, it’s ‘Straya Day

Ahhh…. Here we go again, Australia Day is coming up and truth be told, I have mixed feelings about the day. The Day brings out a complexity and mixture of anger, sadness, resentment, enthusiasm and pride. Let’s round up some interesting finds and discussion about ‘Straya Day: Video by Aahmer Rahman (Fear of the Brown Planets)

Chinky Rice Bowls – Part One

Part One: Shock discovery of chinky rice bowls We were shopping around QVB in Sydney and a colourful and swanky shop caught our attention. We went inside and laughed at all these gizmo and homeware styled gifts till a friend pointed out “OMG! look at that Suzie.” Lined up are rice bowls stylised as cute […]

Getting Bleach

Have you ever watched Whiteland? It’s actually called ‘Wonder land’ but I like to point out how very generally plain and white Australian tele are. There’s a lack of cultural diversity found on commercialised Australian television. Shows like Neighbours and Home Away projects a ‘White Australia’ and doesn’t necessarily show who we are today. It’s […]

Big West Festival invite

We are all people. Refugee and immigrants are people too. There’s an unfortunate negative stereotype, misconceptions about people from all nationalities, yet we still call Australia home. The project is an installation piece set up in a cafe. The aim is to challenge our cultural identity by having these conversations. It also aims to break […]

Alienating Encounters

About two weeks ago I was fortunate to be on a twitter curator for @WeAreAustralia. We had some really hearty chats about ‘casual racism’ and these are the comments/inspirations that came out during the week. Have you had some recent alienating encounters?

Changemaker festival 2013

The moment I realised I became a changemaker was when my art project, The Two Chairs, evolved to being an antiracist organisation. The last eight months have been a whirlwind of action and momentum. Through crowdfunding with Pozible and StartSomeGood, I was able to connect with likeminded people and create other various collaborative projects. This […]

Going As a Black Pillow

In response to a 21st birthday African themed party, the young girl and her friends set a racist outcry. Regardless of her unintentional intentions, one needs to think and consider the bigger picture and realise the potential harmful impact of other cultures. Painting your face black is not cool. On another note, I had a […]

Where are you Realllyyyy from?

Inspired by my experience on the question “where are you from?” Read my latest response and see why it is kind of racist. -sn 2013

Do All Asian Look Alike?

Last week I posted up my thoughts on the question: “Where are you from?” and I had some pretty interesting responses. There were two distinct voices that came out of the ensuing discussion. A number of people believed that most uses of that question are genuinely curious. With the right tone and intent, the conversation […]

Everyday racism as an Asian Australian

Being an Alien in Your Own Land I was born in Australia to parents who arrived as refugees to Australia and escape the war in Vietnam. I considered myself to be more Australian and I have encountered everyday racism. When we hear the word ‘racist’ or ‘racism’, we often visualise images of bigotry at its […]