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Misadventures of a Story Collector

How to connect with ‘Strayans, buy them a VB? Illustrated by Suzanne Nguyen, 2014

New Year Resolution or a Warning?

source: New Year Resolution Hi peeps, Today is the ninth day and time flies when you’re having fun. Have you checked my latest comic? It’s more of a disclaimer than a new year resolution. haha I plan to explore a certain theme and it’s: Being Yellow in ‘Straya.  I must admit sometimes it ain’t easy being […]

Meet John de Jong & his cultural identity crisis

Twitter interview with John de Jong John de Jong (@johndejong) is a filmmaker and Vietnam War scholar. But what really intrigued me is a statement he once said “I struggled with my identity as Asian Australian.  Which is probably the main reason why I have approached John for an interview and it ended up being […]

Crowdfunding: It’s all about ‘Your Story’

My story starts with my tattoos, on each of my wrist are quotation marks. They represent who I am and what I passionately believe in. I am story collector. I collect stories and make them into art. I make, create, write with my hands and I like to connect people too. My latest project, The […]

Ordering a bowl of Pho

Pho is a well known and delicious Vietnamese noodle dish. Pho is similar to the word ‘Faux.’ Which is pronounced FOE. Like hoe, low, dough, grow. Want to learn how to pronounce it properly, listen to this recording Learn more about the history of pho.

Comic: Radio secrets

The Story Collector meets all sorts of interesting characters. Some people cannot help themselves from revealing a secret.

The Story Collector & The Coffee Queue


Have you seen the new show ‘Wonderland’. Have you noticed the lack of diversity? Is Australian commercial television racist or not? -sn

Do You Have A Dollar?


Letter: What does Racism in Australia mean to me?

Below is a letter written to me by a friend who wish to share his thought about Racism in Australia. Have a read, it’s quite interesting to see what others think about racism. -Suzanne Nguyen ——————————————————— Hi Suzanne, You asked me “What does racism in Australia mean to me?”, I like to share some of […]