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Secrets of Sydney

Hidden Gem of Sydney: Soda Factory “If you have to check this place out. You will love it Suzie. Did I also mentioned that they are playing “Spirited Away?” I’ve been in Sydney for last seven months and there are many hidden little gems to be revealed. Bat*, who has moved to the city around […]

A Twisted Love Story

  There are rare occasions where we, my three siblings and I, are in the same time and place. We decided to spend our time together watching Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave. After 90 minutes, we all came out touched and stained by the harrowing and intense experience. The next day, I met with […]

Crowdfunding: Story tips

I wrote an extensive post on how  ‘your story’ is the foundation for a campaign project, so here are some mighty helpful tips to get you thinking about creating a story of your own: 5 Tips Using Storytelling to drive your crowdfunding campaign  1. Video: Your story is first seen on your crowdfunding video pitch. Follow the KISS rules […]

Crowdfunding: It’s all about ‘Your Story’

My story starts with my tattoos, on each of my wrist are quotation marks. They represent who I am and what I passionately believe in. I am story collector. I collect stories and make them into art. I make, create, write with my hands and I like to connect people too. My latest project, The […]

Comic: Radio secrets

The Story Collector meets all sorts of interesting characters. Some people cannot help themselves from revealing a secret.

Shannon Keane shares his design & thoughts with @TheTwoChairs

Hi Shannon, Thanks for being part of The Two Chairs initiative, we are excited to have you and your awesome illustration skills on board. Do you mind Introducing yourself? Howdy! My name’s Shannon Keane. I am an illustrator/painter/designer/whatever’s fun or interesting. How did you find out about The Two Chairs? I found out about The Two Chairs through […]

Do You Have A Dollar?


Story Collection #1

As a story collector, I have began to build an extensive collection of stories, photos and maps. And I thought, what do I do these memories that I have with them. I decided to share it with you. Here’s a little recording of the stories I have collected. Enjoy and let me know what you […]

Letter: What does Racism in Australia mean to me?

Below is a letter written to me by a friend who wish to share his thought about Racism in Australia. Have a read, it’s quite interesting to see what others think about racism. -Suzanne Nguyen ——————————————————— Hi Suzanne, You asked me “What does racism in Australia mean to me?”, I like to share some of […]


One twitter day, I received an e-introduction from a Sydney friend of mine, and that is how I first met Bhavesh Bhuthadia. He tweeted me and said he will be organising a #scribbleMelb. I rocked up to the night, having no inkling what I am getting myself into, and what an awesome night it was. The theme […]