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Big West Festival invite

We are all people. Refugee and immigrants are people too. There’s an unfortunate negative stereotype, misconceptions about people from all nationalities, yet we still call Australia home. The project is an installation piece set up in a cafe. The aim is to challenge our cultural identity by having these conversations. It also aims to break […]

Do All Asian Look Alike?

Last week I posted up my thoughts on the question: “Where are you from?” and I had some pretty interesting responses. There were two distinct voices that came out of the ensuing discussion. A number of people believed that most uses of that question are genuinely curious. With the right tone and intent, the conversation […]

Everyday racism as an Asian Australian

Being an Alien in Your Own Land I was born in Australia to parents who arrived as refugees to Australia and escape the war in Vietnam. I considered myself to be more Australian and I have encountered everyday racism. When we hear the word ‘racist’ or ‘racism’, we often visualise images of bigotry at its […]

Shannon Keane shares his design & thoughts with @TheTwoChairs

Hi Shannon, Thanks for being part of The Two Chairs initiative, we are excited to have you and your awesome illustration skills on board. Do you mind Introducing yourself? Howdy! My name’s Shannon Keane. I am an illustrator/painter/designer/whatever’s fun or interesting. How did you find out about The Two Chairs? I found out about The Two Chairs through […]

I’m not racist, but I like candy.

I’m not racist, but I like candy. Note: “I’m not racist, but” is not a valid legal disclaimer That title looks ridiculous, even though grammatically it’s correct. Saying it out loud it almost sounds like the start of a Seussian rhyme, as though the second line should be “I like beaches because they’re sandy” followed […]

Live like a white man?!!

I found this certificate and the more I read, the more shocked I was. Have a read for yourself. “This is your chance to be free of the Aborigines Protection Act and live like a white man” During the 1950s, Indigenous Australians were required to carry papers to walk down the streets of the Australia. […]

Do You Have A Dollar?


Why Are We Afraid of Peace?

A few weeks ago I was on a tram heading down Swanston Street when I spotted a table on the corner of Bourke Street. From memory, there were two people at the table, nodding and greeting to the people walking by. The table was covered with the usual flyers and books. A banner sits at […]

The Two Chairs: Tee Comp

Pick the design that you like and vote below. The most popular Tshirt will be printed and help fund some of The Two Chairs project. Help spread the word and Let’s talk about racism. Buy a tshirt. happy voting. T01: The language of Craft, by Alex Ho Black Tshirt – Screen Printed on a Bamboo/cotton […]

Letter: What does Racism in Australia mean to me?

Below is a letter written to me by a friend who wish to share his thought about Racism in Australia. Have a read, it’s quite interesting to see what others think about racism. -Suzanne Nguyen ——————————————————— Hi Suzanne, You asked me “What does racism in Australia mean to me?”, I like to share some of […]