HOW MY ART & CREATIVE PROJECT STARTED… Waking up again the humdrum of everyday life is not exactly what I call living. Against the drivel of a 9 to 5 job, I began to dread waking up every morning. My inner soul weeps and demands that “we go back to being an artist and make […]

I’ve been living in Sydney for at least 18 months now and while I am based here, there’s a part of Melbourne that lingers within me. I still dress like I’m in winter sometimes. Sydney is known for their scenic beaches. Truthfully, I am not the biggest sand in my shoes fan but there’s plenty […]

We were alone outside a hallway and a teacher disappointedly said to me; “if you don’t get your act together, you will fail English”. I hate writing. When I was younger, I found writing to be a tedious chore. Ironically, after school my sibling and I would often hang around the library. I found myself […]

During the beginning of the year, I went on a road trip to Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane, my younger sister ask me while we ride on Pacific Highway; “What made you want to become an artist?” I was a little stumped and I went down a little spiral of contemplation. On my last post, […]

Someone once said that the secret to youth is to laugh often. If that’s the case, I have to thank Tinder as I have lost a few extra years to my life from all the laughter. Tinder is my shits and giggles. So many luls. Tinder has a way of providing women and men a […]

Even though the social experiment, 30 Days of Tinder, has ended last year, I have yet to share my conclusions about Tinder. The online dating app has continually held my interest as it allows me to explore social connections, sex and dating. Through it all, I’ve became fascinated by the online dating habits and sexual […]

You’re at a pitchfork in life and you have only two choices, do you turn to face reality or pretend it never happened. Neither, lessons can be learnt during dark times. Besides, alternatives pathways can be made all the time. I was around 21, when my blinkers slowly turned off and I found myself immersed […]

Before I start, I need to quickly vent it out: So, this Stephen dude messages me with; “Hey Sexy Suzie” And how did I respond back? Yeah Nah, I didn’t bother. Why would I engage with such ass-douchery. This Stephen dude  has the nerve to show his nude self on Tinder. Sometimes, I wonder if guys do think things through. As […]

The value of art Art enables people to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and imaginations. It is a means by which people can express their sense of identity. It enriches our lives by providing us with a way to see and experience the world through the eyes of others. Art is intrinsically valuable because: 1. Art tells […]

A certain sense of vulnerability overwhelms me on Valentine’s Day. Being single, I kind of dread the on-slaughter of mainstream, mass market love. Everywhere you go, especially on Facebook, you’re being bombarded with love ads – instead of evoking “oh, it’s a special day for love” it can be roughly translated as “dude, you don’t […]

As a regular Facebook contributor, I’ve been sharing my mundane, everyday experiences of being an Asian-Australian female. I noticed a pattern of ‘Yellow Fever (a fetish for Asian women)’, Tinder and everyday racism regularly comes to surface. Using humour has been a tool to gauge what has happened to me and allows me to laugh […]

[Warning: The following content is uncensored and has inflammatory language] I’m such a slow blogger. It’s been over month since I’ve completed the social experiment. But it never fails to make me smile or giggle. Even now, friends and strangers alike have continue to tell me their Tinder stories. After writing about my first Tinder […]